Empire Longbow Zoom

Empire Longbow zoom has generated mixed feelings over time and with different iterations.
Moving special bound zoom from Hunter’s Prowl directly onto Empire Longbow and doing away with the timed zoom could please everyone.

Currently Hunter’s Prowl zoom is niche at best:

  • Only affects Handgun and Empire Longbow
  • Not always active / on a cooldown / 6 - 10 second duration
  • The extra zoom isn’t really necessary, especially on Handgun.


I really hope they do something about the zoom.
I thought it was great before the last BBB. Since the change I’ve only managed to play a couple of maps as Huntsman because the new zoom is so weird and uncomfortable.

I have gotten used to no zoom now, but the zoom timing kicking in just sucks and I would really appreciate a special attack button toggle like has been suggested. I know about pumping the aim to keep max drawback without hitting zoom, but if you mess up even slightly it just feels terrible to get out of the zoom.

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Zoom functionality should really just be handled in an options menu somewhere.

Personally I really like the way the manbow operates now and absolutely hated the way it worked before. Hell I kinda wish the elf longbow would act the same.

I thought it would take ages to get used to the “fixed” Repeater Gun spinning. It took around about half a map, just because its simply is more natural the way its now.

Same for the bow. The zoom always was and is as clunky as it gets. Fixing that should have been done years ago, much like the Repeater Gun. While they are at it, they should add an indicator for what charge state the bow is at. It takes much longer than its feasable to get used to when you can release the arrow for full damage, for no real reason. I play alot of Longbow Huntsman and still sometimes let go to early in a life and death situation.

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There is a visual indicator : the bow turns a bit more vertical when it is at full charge.
It is quite noticeable if you know what you’re looking for, kind of similar to the bolt staff’s twitch ; and in no way is hard to get used to.

That being said, I don’t disagree with a setting in the options for auto zoom or toggled zoom. I don’t mind either way, but I liike the way it is now.

It won’t please me. I really like the longbow zoom how it is, and I get the feeling people who want it changed somehow want it to be more like the elf bow or ‘easier’ to use although I’m not bothered if you want a keybind to get to max zoom as long as I can still use it how it is now.

@Saryk is right, it’s easy enough as it is and makes it a high skill ceiling and very satisfying weapon.

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I’m actually pleased with the BBB change, the bump from 0.4 to 2 second zoom delay feels less sickening.

I actually dislike the forced elf longbow zoom, a zoom toggle would make it more like WS Swiftbow/Hagbane. (Unzoomed until toggled)

A good alternative would be a toggle to unzoom the timed zoom.
Currently firing too quickly after feathering the zoom will fire charged 2 shots despite having the same animation as charged 3. It rarely causes problems but it’s a thing.

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You could argue the zoom is a part of how the weapons are balanced. Fatshark may have intended for Kerillian’s and Kruber’s longbows to actively encourage tunnel vision, while they may have wanted something like the Swiftbow to contrast with that by being easier to stay aware of your surroundings with and safer for close quarters shots.

No, remove the zoom at this point because it’s just clunky to have to constantly spam right mouse to avoid it

It’s not anything to do with making it easier, it just feels like bad design

I don’t get this though.
When I use the longbow I rarely ever even get to the zoom. The bow is at full charge before you zoom, and most enemies are close enough to you, to make it so you don’t need it.
Only distant ratlings or blightstormers really ever warrant waiting for it.

It’s purely a quality of life change.

I know, and I don’t disagree. Just the reason exposed is one I don’t get.

I very rarely even use the zoom as you don’t need to. It’s clunky if you think you have to use the zoom to get to full power and are zooming in and out a lot. Kruber slightly alters his stance as he hits full power before it begins to zoom.

Still, add a toggle button for players who want it.

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