Huntsman longbow zoom needs another tweak

Patch 3.1 changed the huntsman longbow’s zoom to a 2 second delay, over a 0.4 second one. During gameplay, this can be very jarring (especially on higher difficulties) and the weapon would overall be much smoother if there were an easy way to hold the no zoom, fully charged shot, and then toggle the zoom if it’s needed. This zoom button could be bound to ‘weapon special’, and it’d function the same as the waystalker’s zoom with a weapon like the swift bow. I personally didn’t mind the instant zoom on the empire longbow, and I wouldn’t mind playing without zoom, but the 2 second delay is extremely finicky. If you want to stay zoomed out, you’re forced to fire your shots within a 2 second window, and if you want to zoom in quickly, you must wait. Having the longbow work as the swift bow/hagbane with waystalker would let you stay zoomed out when you need it, and zoom in when you’re ready. It’s not a perfect solution, but it’s better than how it currently works.
(This could even be an optional feature, perhaps in the settings menu, or maybe an option to revert back to the 3.0 zoom mechanic.)


yeah it’s been a pretty regular suggestion for months now to make the longbow zoom a toggle

hopefully it happens whenever the next balance pass comes 'round

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I think I might be the only person who likes it how it is. The whole reason it’s not like Elfbow is …well… just that. IT isn’t an elf bow and doesn’t function the same way at all really. Having some options to allow players to choose their own method might be good. IF you want to play with and Elfbow - play elf.

So first we change the elf bow (turn it upside down or something), then we fix the zoom for Kruber’s bow. :+1:

My favorite part about Huntsman longbow is when you crouch you’re less accurate, for some reason.

Well that could be on the account that the weapon is called a LONGbow, meaning this bow is actually LONG (with an average length of 1.98 m (6 ft 6 in)) lol.

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Shooting bows in a sitting or kneeling position requires some angling of your draw wrist. This will drastically reduce your pull strength. That is, if you wanna actually aim at things. If you dont care and just wanna see the arrow fly fastish in an upper left direction you can keep your wrist straight and fully draw.

Ofcourse nothing in this game has to deal with common sense. Aslong as there isnt something breaking Warhammer law, rules, or story we are good. Thats why we have voices that topple five meter tall monsters, front loading rifles that are ready to blaze every 1.5s, and magic invisible telescopes that zoom you straight into your crosshair when drawing a bow.

If we had a choice, I wouldnt even wanna use it on the Handgun.

Yeah if you wanna try to use the “muh realism” route, its not going to work when you play as 5 pseudo demi gods. Kerillians longbow doesnt function like Krubars, she gets more accurate when she crouches. All I’m saying is it either needs to be the same across all careers, or give me a damn good explanation as to why it shouldn’t.

Kruber, instead of crouching in a way that would make him more accurate, instead squats with the bow making his aim worse

Fatshark hire me now

(also realistically no bow would be more accurate by crouching so it makes no sense that only kruber’s bow is affected with a penalty)