Empire Longbow - So bad

I just want FS to revert Huntsman Longbow zoom to what it was .




100% agree…

p.s I would like a little more penetration too (on full charged arrows).

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I’m not sure why they don’t just make it a toggle (like Waystalker’s passive). That should make everyone happy instead of shoehorning it into a certain way.


a toggle would be ideal, yes


I don’t like zoom functions on range weapons at all.

I got so used to the zoom prior to the beta that this has been pretty hard to adjust to.

Make the toggle button weapon special, the function needs more applications


Give me a toggle to get old halberd combo’s back :^)

might be a bit harsh, but just get used to it, they will most likely never add a toggle for it.


FS please fix it . :pensive::pensive::pensive:

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I second that just make it toggle so anyone is happy.


The new zoom on the bow is awful.

I don’t even understand why they felt the need to change it. Did they feel like zooming before full charge was some type of advantage? It just feels slow and wrong now.

I can understand changing weapons to make them more viable and more playable, or nerfing weapons that might be so good that no other weapons will ever be used. But wtf was this change for? Just to p**s off people that are used to something?

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I have to admit it. After some training, it’s not that bad. Thanks also to movement speed buff, it’s more versatile in short-mid range fights.

In my opinion, the best solution would be an half way… shorten a little bit the zoom delay (zoom is important to headshot far enemies) but maintain the possibility to reach the full charged without zoom.

Make it toggable could seem cool… but, again in my opinion, it could complicate the thing, since you should to press one more key. Dunno.


Were you not around in the earlier days? This is now closer to how it was on game release. They changed it a while back and made it impossible to get fully charged shots without zooming, which was considered a part of the skill curve at the time, since killing consecutive elites generally works better without being zoomed in halfway through your shot. Lots of people disliked it pre 3.1 for that reason. Being forced to zoom to get fully charged shots sucks.

I like the skill required to gauge just how far the bow was drawn to kill things effectively in older builds. Being able to draw the bow just right to kill a special was a really great kinda feeling. I loved Huntsman when he was a very high skill high reward guy.

Now I’m on Handgun and it feels like I shoot things people on low settings haven’t even rendered yet 0.o

I much preferred the longbow when it was a matter of pulling the bow just right to kill what you were aiming at.

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Rollback , pls :cry::cry::cry:

I just done know why it functions so differently from Elf’s longbow.
To top it off the drop off on the shots is massive for no reason.
Thing barely seems accurate, don’t expect consistent shots.
Bluntmans is the way to go unfortunately.

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I agree… I love play it but, in my opinion, Empire Bow should be polished a little. I would love maintain its style “rude, raw but impacting”. For this reason I would like buff its penetration a little.

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