Please, change talents

Hi, I would like to leave my humble opinion here.
the most talents are useless, so many times one of the three talents is mandatory because the others is useless. Example: Markus Kruber Huntsman Talents LVL 15 the only decent for use is Taal’s Blessing the others is useless mainly the aiming of long bow is very inaccurate.
i suggest for the others, Makin’ It Look Easy After scoring a ranged headshot Markus gains 25% increased critical hit chance (lasts till next crit). change for After scoring a ranged headshot Markus gains the next attack critical hit. The other Thrill of the Hunt: Ranged headshots Increase reload speed by 35% for 2 seconds. change for Ranged headshots Increase damage by 35% for 3 seconds.
are just ideas, but i think this would make it much more competitive to choose the talents

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