Huntsman's ult

what does it do exactly ?_?
i know when u pop it, u drop aggro and becomes invisible.

does it give u guarantee (100%) crit when shooting range weapon? i sometimes sees myself getting ammo back with ult active. or it just flat increase the (ranged) damage you do?

would like to know :smiley:

You get a damage boost (50% iirc), you get faster reload and your shots do not consume ammo.

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so it doesnt give u more crit :o?

since crit ignores armor i thought maybe i can use it to shoot armoed stuff with a ranged weapon that doesnt have much armor pen (ie repeater) :smiley:

Besides the flat damage boost and ammo return for every shot, you also lose movement speed and dodge range/speed, and gain reload speed and an increased headshot multiplier.

Yes, good you mention that. While you don’t gain crits, your shots do penetrate armour and super armour.


The reduced FoV during Huntsman active really needs to go, it bugs out so easily if you’ve a concentration potion.


as others have said, it’s a short burst of time where you get increased dps from faster reload and bonus damage, along with stealth before you fire the first shot (stealth doesn’t work on subsequent ults if you’re using a conc potion tho, so be careful)

edit: oh and screw the visual bug that’s still around since the game launch. my screen goes a funny color/dark after using the ult. previously it was completely white (at least you could use it to see in the dark in hunger map) now it’s just meh. my only gripe with the huntsman.

appears this ult does a bunch of stuff … why is this not in the ingame skill description L_L?


Because they removed all kinds of description details after the closed beta for reasons (some seem to call it the hate train).

Farshark’s always been of a mindset that you should learn the game’s nuances by playing rather than making a spreadsheet and trying to rely on that to develop your playstyle. it’s been…less than popular with some of the fanbase, but i like it. give me an excuse to tool around on easy modes to play with new ideas.

It gives you a vision bug and a negligible damage increase.


I’d call it more of a “situational” damage increase. For example, it seems to do next to nothing to lb relative to its non-ult performance but on handgun I consistently 1-shot CW with body shots during it. Conversely, without a conc pot, its impact against a boss is pretty negligible.

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After the Great Huntsman Nuke™ it is only really useful when coupled with a STR pot and headshots when using LB, and this can still do quite a chunk of damage to a boss. But getting headshots on a Spawn aren’t too easy. I can get headshots(and If you’re lucky with a crit) 1 shot CW with a LB, but you’re relying on a crit to do the breakpoint damage.

Compare this to something daft like using a STR pot(running concoction) and the Zealot Ult while using RMB brace of pistols-comedy-machine-gun for a similar chunk of boss damage without the need for headshots. Do this near an ammo cache and the zealot is so funny fighting a boss.


what setup are u running to be able to 1 shot body shot cw in ult? i’m running skaven/armored/chaos/infantry, and still am unable to do that.

lol. it’s not negligible.

Straight Power vs Armour/Chaos (and I don’t even have a red handgun yet cuz loldupes and lolRNG so I’m missing a not insignificant chunk of power vs still). Anything you can’t one-shot with that is a ridiculously easy headshot such that anything else is more or less a waste. It’s also pretty reliable outside of ult with headshots so it’s still very effective on his other classes. CW basically don’t exist anymore for the team and you still curbstomp specials/elites in general w/o having to sacrifice anything vs horde thanks to his effective melee wave clear options.

This. For maximum roflstomp, run hunter on your handgun for 1hko on headshots outside of your active.

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oh i forgot to mention, if you have no ammo, ulting will give you back 1 ammo, which you can then use to take a very careful headshot, which you can then generate more ammo from =D

basically, unlimited ammo for huntsman!

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This isn’t even close to a CW oneshot bodyshot with handgun, you’d need a crit making it already not consistent.

I didn’t mean “always” when I said consistent, sorry, just with good regularity on top of his already stellar CW stomping abilities. On all classes that can use handgun, it’s great vs CW with headshots but Huntsman can swing more body shots than most, especially with ult factored in. Ult plus max power seems to be pretty reliable body shot kills for me but that’s obviously subjective as I’m not extensively testing it outside of enjoying its general performance relative to his other options.

As a HM main I get a bit fed up with people using the head-shot as a throwaway comment. @Avar and @mookanana I completely agree with your points, but landing a head-shot is something that isn’t easy and I think because both you guys (and me) just throw around the fact that if you head-shot something as HM you can be a beast, people think HM is some kind of boss/elite/special killing god( this led to the huntsman being orbital cannoned into the floor). Aside from the Great Huntsman Nuke™ I have played a deed with “vanguard” and killed something silly like 145 elites. Other party members were like “HM OP, God sake it’s so sh*t.” I had to point out to kill that many I need to consistently score good head-shots because this is the only way I could even have enough ammo to kill so many and everyone was like “Head-shots so easy. I get them all the time with Pyro”. I had to go and have a quite time on my own in the garden with a little glass of scotch after that.

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