FATSHARK... Will you nerf also the fun? [HUNTSMAN nerfed too hard, but also SHADE and RANGER]

  • We know, huntsman damage was too high… but now it is less than half and lower than 1.0.7.
    Against boss, to use or not the active is irrilevant (just little more damage). And considering that the active lasts just 5 seconds and it doesn’t let us to go through enemies, it is useless. Furthermore, Huntsman has lost his ability to killing patrols.
    (but we still have nonsense things like TERRIBLE WEAPONS SWAP and darker screen and crounch animation with the active)

  • 100% crit under Ranger active was a nice trick, it gives more space to an outperfomed career.

  • Crit also for ranged weapons using Shade active? It gives us variety, there were nice build xbox bases.

Fatshark you are nerfing all the fun, and you leave us just with lackluster and flat careers like WHC.


I pretty much exclusively play Ranger, and honestly, while the boss melting spec was nice and I felt like I had a specific purpose to the group, it is just fine without it. Playing last night I was pulling in fine numbers (honestly better melee numbers now that Great Axe has been buffed several times) and overall I’m mostly satisfied with his performance.

Bosses are at least somewhat of a challenge now. But still overcome quickly enough when the team works together. I dunno, seems to me like lots of people are being overly dramatic here. A lot of the fun of this game is the challenge it brings. If Huntsman is in almost every game and bosses no longer matter, a large chunk of that fun vanishes.

Just my opinion, though.

I get it but “just fine” for skilled RV vets is pretty bad for the average user. We were finally in a place where he wasn’t a niche pick anymore and could hold his own and now we’re back to him being av somewhat less desirable pick.

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Players enjoy feeling powerful? Someone fire up the presses, the people need to read this!


Huntsman nerfs have been too much.

RV nerfs are okay. I’d say he is at a nice spot.

Shades nerfs are okay. I think shade is ridiculously good but w/e.

I don’t think WHC is that bad actually.


One of the longest career ability cooldowns, lasting only for 6 seconds with a okay critical hit chance buff at best, not to mention his ridiculously low hp.

He is very low tier compared to other careers.


OK I’m missing something here, there are 6 careers out of 15 that have more than 100 hitpoints, (2 of which are Krubers) the huntsman is not one of them, which makes his hitpoints 100, the norm. (info gained from the vermintide 2 wiki)

Why do Krubers hitpoints keep coming up, is there some other factor at work on them that I’m not aware of?

They destroyed the game with this. They nerfed the only utility in situational characters that are useless in horde clearing in a horde clearing based game.

Please revert the huntsman and shade back to how they were. Especially Huntsman! He is totally ass now.


You are right on that.

I use the 10 seconds version. I can almost use it on every horde wave. But yeah the cooldown is quite long.

I think it may work with more coordination. I used to do this with my kruber friend. I pop animosity and we would pull out our repeaters and pistols and fire madly into a boss with scrounger traits on.

I haven’t tested it with a kruber friend and a shade crossbow wielding friend though.

The thing about WHC is the opportunity cost: a good zealot can hold down/kill a skaven patrol or a good BH who can down alot of stuff very quickly.

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This the kind of overly dramatic stuff I was talking about. “The game is destroyed!!!” Like, chill a bit man. It is just a nerf, he isn’t useless. Just not as good as he was. You can still play what you like even if it isn’t the most powerful.

FS is running a lot of balance changes right now, and I’m sure will continue to do so. If they find he is now under performing, he will probably get a bump again. In the mean time, just adapt to his current situation if you really are passionate about playing Huntsman.

That is what I’ve done with Ranger Vet. I pretty much only play him on Legend and have just switched over to a horde clear spec. I can’t melt bosses anymore, but I can make sure my team isn’t swamped while we are fighting one.

If you want to give feedback, drop the hyperbole and suggest a bump that you think would put him in a decent spot without making him broken again.


Not useless =/= worth picking or balanced relative too other classas. If the best that can be said about something is that it’s “not useless,” there’s a problem.

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OK Sure.

Dear Developers,

The Huntsman is fragile and cannot use his zoom when firing his bow. It also takes a long time to charge shots and switch weapons. This makes him a sitting duck if he can not do damage. Please return him to the way he was.
It was enjoyable to play.

I had a situation where there was Chaos Warrior pack attacking my team and I popped my ult and couldn’t down any. I then took a purple potion and used it again. I managed to kill one. We had an un killable dwarf on our team that managed to clutch but I was totally useless.

He brings nothing to the table now. He is like a half bounty hunter with a super long cooldown that when used makes the screen blurry and is not effective vs the things that it needs to be. Please fix him immediately. He was a situational hero good for two things now good for not much.

I would return his head shot damage to how it was and fix his ultimate so its like it was. He needs to have burst to kill things fast and that is situational he is still not good vs hordes or anything else that comes in groups.

I thank you for your support on this.


It was not enjoyable to play with though. Oh we have a huntsman guess I’m cleaning up the dregs or a teleporting special maybe killing a horde if they don’t run at us in a straight line in if we have a beamstaff pyro or drakegun IB I basically just follow along behind as I take 0 damage and get 0 kills

And I wasn’t implying any of that. He very much needed a nerf. He was trivializing what are suppose to be the biggest challenges in the game (as was Ranger to a lesser extent). It probably was a bit heavy handed, but leaving him as he was was clearly not an option.

Overall my point really is that if you want to help with the balancing aspect of the game, just give calm and collected constructive feedback. Gamers are always blowing their lids over developer decisions that they don’t agree with.

Everyone always seems to forget that these are just people doing their jobs as best they can. They aren’t all knowing, and they will make mistakes. Criticizing them isn’t wrong, but talk to them the way you would a waiter, or someone working in customer service. Or literally anyone you would talk to face to face to.

I don’t necessarily mean you. But as just a general statement about forum behavior.

Oh, yeah, I agree and I think that’s also why he got nerfed too hard the other way. His ult was a problem but the feedback was hyperbolic so it hit more than was needed.

Huntsman was good on bosses and specials however he was very fragile. You are just exaggerating. Why not nerf everything so you can do all the killing yourself with whatever class your playing.

In my opinion the game was never this balanced before.

Huntsman destroyed bosses and if he had a red I knew that he’d body shot just about every single special.

As fragile as like half the other cast.

Yes, let’s nerf every single ranged class including the one I like to play (WS). Lets nerf all forms of ammo regen and only allow 1 proc per shot. Let’s make this melee focused game less dominated by ranged.

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Exactly and maybe give ranged focused classes talent’s that help them regain ammo for melee combat.

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That is a garbage idea. First, that would make it no different from just giving an equivalent static ammo increase. Second, melee and ranged classes have comparable performance as is… So this kind of asinine nerf would just create a disparity.

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