Kruber Handgun 1.08.2

Rather than complain I’d like to at least look at the handgun damage to maulers and CW.

We know you need 18% to infantry for non armored specials, but if you were to sacrifice this for 40% to chaos/armored and also opt for the 20% power boost from ultimate, can we get back to a rifle 1 shot non crit body shot during ultimate on CW?

I would appreciate if someone smarter than me could throw some numbers my way (40% to armored and chaos w rifle and the 20% power during ultimate talent damage of a body shot)

Thanks and cheers

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No because you’ll be able to kill 2-3 CW in a row from 100 yards away and make Chaos patrols a joke.

Go for the headshots and see how satisfying it becomes.

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Right now you can kill them in 2 headshots and stagger even with non-ult bodyshots, he’s tremendous against them. And those shots that don’t kill still take a huge chunk of their health so they’re easy to finish off. Not quite as good as before sure but it does feel a bit more balanced now. I don’t think any one player should be able to nuke a chaos patrol, it should be a team effort. Patrols should be extremely dangerous!

I think speccing to one-shot specials is much more useful, those bastards can ruin everything way More often. I don’t get everyone’s obsession with wanting huntsman’s job to be chaos patrol killing; chaos patrols are not mandatory, sneaking around them is always a better option. Obviously there’s still some sound and stuck patrol issues that make it so we have to fight patrols More often than we would like, but I would rather just fix those bugs than try to buff huntsman against a problem that eventually will be rare. Then speccing to kill chaos patrols will be even more situational than speccing to kill berserker, which no one ever bothers with.

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This is not true anymore you need to try it. It takes a good lot of shots and if you pop your ultimate it still takes a lot of shots… They super nerfed him.

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I have been trying it… I do have some armor/chaos and also the talent for +power on ult though.

if you crit you can get him down in a few shots otherwise its a struggle.

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That’s why his ult has a longer duration than one shot. It has all the benefits of being ranged and being able to down CW in the first place. If you made each shot able to down a CW with a body shot it would make him too strong.

If you’re using the Handgun you still can one shot them with headshots.

Not always, regardless our skill, it is possible to do headshots.

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Been testing, assuming the 20% power talent works the same as power on weapon and charms.

You need “I’m coming for ya” and 30% damage to chaos/armored to 1 shot headshot NON CRIT CW during ulti with handgun. The last 10% on item should be for infantry - this will allow you to quickly dispose of blight stormers. Gas rats will require a headshot or two shots.

Consider you main WS, shade and know of the insane CDR builds where shade’s ulti is up so often it’s not even funny, it seems really strange that you’re defending HS’ new incredibly poor performance.


Again, other OP careers don’t mean others have to be OP.

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If most of the other careers perform better, theyre not OP, they’re normal.


The very notion of “OP” goes out the window when almost everything else is just as “OP.”



Huntsman is (was) op… Shade is (was) op… Pyro is op… BH is op… IB is op…

Sorry but just lol… should they nerf everything and leave us with “brilliant” careers like BW and WHC???

Imho they should buff these lackluster careers… but just IMHO, ehy ^^"

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Would be some great points if you hadn’t misrepresented my what I said. lol

Pointing to other op careers solves no issues, ultimately everything should be in line with it’s own niches etc, fingerpointing and calling people out for playing X or Y doesn’t progress the discussion and only delays any progress by bickering over who gets to do how much damage - the debate has been about Kruber, problems with other classes are best off debated in relevant topics - that leaves more space for players to actually have progressive conversation where people can say ‘‘Okay this is rather strong, if you had to nerf something do it here but for the love of god don’t touch X/Y since it feels like a core thing.’’

Instead we have people pointing fingers left and right, arguing and all you get is a list of complaints, a lot of angry people and what appears to be a balancing team that goes ‘‘Eh if you’re gonna throw this much fuss and you’re sure about this whole list of changes, let’s see where this goes…’’ rather than good pros cons etc.

Ultimately it all beats comments like ‘‘gosh you suck go back to champion’’ ‘‘git gud’’ ‘‘don’t listen to X because they’re trash’’ that’s not very civil and doesn’t aid discussion in any manner, form or way. Instead it derails a topic.

TL;DR Tired of the kruber threads pointing at other classes to preserve something ridiculously strong even with his weaknesses, now that it was nerfed consider asking for some weaknesses to be compensated instead while waiting for the balance team to re-assess.

In my opinion Kruber is already one of the best snipers to kill Chaos Warriors from a distance using no abilities whatsoever, and can stand to sacrifice some things for this - but the last patch only just happens and plenty of people seem to agree that the nerf was a bit too harsh to put it lightly.

I’m personally in agreement with that as he can use some quality of life changes in return now such as getting rid of the silly ducking animation on his ult and fixing the FOV/overlay bug.

The FOV decrease is only making a lot of pug Kruber players tunnelvision more. There’s also a REALLY annoying reload animation that takes place when you trigger your ability and are already aiming down. If this is a communication towards the player it’s redundant, especially with the FOV change and the screen filter.

Some of Krubers melee weapons desperately need a second balance pass too in order to ensure viable variety. I disagree with letting him mow down several CW’s with bodyshots during his ulti however and would rather see some seconds shaved off his cooldown. I’m okay with a lot he stands for but with him being tailored towards a dude that does solid bodyshot damage in clutch situations I feel his main reward should stay with the headshots.

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A bit of speculative math:
Handgun base damage ~50.91
Headshot bonus (1.5, previously 1.7)
Armor pen 0.5
Ult damage boost 2x (it said 1.5, but i am getting ~2x damage, so not sure what’s going on)

We need the handgun to do 120 damage:

Which would match up with your observations.
I would personally say they really need to at least give him back the previous headshot damage mult. This would allow you to reach this breakpoint by stacking +power or use the damage talent, rather than forcing you to get both:
So either you sacrifice all 4 slots for +power vs chaos warriors, or you get more leniency by using the power talent.


Great post. For those who may be confused by the numbers:

First 1.2 is your level 25 talent
The second 1.2 is a weapon with 10 chaos 10 armored power vs.
The third multiplier of 1.1 is a charm that has chaos OR armored then another stay of value (I’d recommend infantry or attack speed).

You need 30% from gear and 20% talent to one shot CW during ultimate w headshot. With skill and practice, it should be doable to kill 3-4 CW per ultimate (assuming 3 HS then damage on a fourth CW weakening him to be one shot as ultimate ends)

Only thing that really changed about huntsman is that you can’t body shot CW w ult and you have to sacrifice one shotting gas rats for CW during ultimate because of the power vs constraints.

He is still powerful as he has access to halberd and a strong ranged weapon with no ammo issues assuming you are landing mostly headshots.

Boss damage still very good if you are landing headshots. As a result I find C spawns the to be the worst for HS. Overall necessary nerf. People crying need to actually play and they’ll realize he is balanced.


Very doable and very satisfying. :heart_eyes_cat:

So in order to have output comparable to that of other classes and fulfill his role, HS needs extremely specific near-perfect rolls on most of his items, extremely specific talents, his super long CD / short duration ult needs to be up, and you have to achieve flawless execution at range vis-a-vis a chain of successive quickscope headshots on moving targets that are not only being whacked around by your three teammates but also rollerblading and being occluded by the patrol’s resident Maulers… ALL to have a shot at competing with all of the other classes, which aren’t bound by such asinine constraints/limitations… Oh, and most of his weapon choices are utter garbage. Such balance.

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