INSANELY bad ghost hit angles on elven axe

Audio out of sync.

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I think the only thing not working in your video are the dummies, not showing the damage number if your focus is far enough away from them. As long as the dummy is shaking, you are hitting them, don’t worry.
The dummies have always been a bit… bad when it comes to getting results, with some attacks not connecting at all or sometimes not doing damage (shield bash for example). They compare to real enemies as blueprint weapons compare to veteran items, just use them as a basic tool.

You can always go to the modded realm and use the mod Creature Spawner to test your weapons out on real enemies (VMF is required). They will be idle in the keep, but you have to start a mission on your desired difficulty and go back to the keep to test them there, they will have recruit stats if you don’t do that. You can also test them not being idle (for enemy attack patterns testing, etc.), but you need another mod, Spawn Tweaks, to disable stuff in missions, the options are quite extensive (Spawn Tweaks needs it own dependency mods, Simple UI and Penlight Lua Libraries).

I hope that helps and happy ratslaying, mate!


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