Does the axe change in 1.0.7 also affect the dual axes/axe and shield for Bardin?

This has really been bugging me lately, and i’d love to get a solid answer! Thanks.

Sigh… Mate you could simple walk to the two Dummy´s in the Yard and test it yourself, everywhere that missing of own Initiative, but yes they are affected.

You’ve always been able to hit multiple dummies with the dual and single handed axes, because their just meant to give damage calculations. Back when I first started playing I thought the axes always hit multiple targets BECAUSE of them being able to hit multiple dummies in the keep.

If you would stand far enough away from the Dummy´s , yes then you would hit both before 1.0.7 just get real close to those little sexy Boizz. But back to my Statement, you could have just started a mission and checked it already lad.

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