I have never played V1 and haven’t read everything about this game, but is there a way to tell what weapons work best vs armor/shields?

Is there a site that shows X weapon does X damage to armored/shields? like full/half/etc.

Also when hitting a armored/shield unit and the symbol pops up showing a red circle through a shield does that mean it’s doing 0 damage or reduced damage?

please add something that shows this (unless it’s in the game and i missed it the where is it and ty)

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If a weapon have armor penetration it says so in the small bar under the stats (and trait if it’s a yellow/red) in green letters. Hard to explain but hover over the weapon and just read and you’ll find it.


ty… i was sure i was missing it (you’re the man)

Another way to test is by using the training dummies. There is an unarmored one on the ground, but two armored ones up on a balcony near the back left (outer wall). You can test weapons on them, to see how they do against armor. Some weapons may damage armor but still do very little damage, so this is a great way to test it. You can be sure a weapon doesn’t penetrate armor if you hit and it says zero. At power 600, it seems that numbers in the 2000-3000 range are good. Chaos Warriors on Legend have around 120,000 health (by the scale used on test dummies), so being able to kill them in as few blows as possible is great.

Bear in mind; not all attacks currently register on the dummies, so if you attack and don’t see any numbers, it doesn’t mean it does no damage, but that the dummy doesn’t register it yet. This is because the dummies were added (by suggestion? not sure) late in development and had to be specially coded due to the Keep not functioning like a regular map.

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*12,000 in that scale

Dummies multiply damage by 100x, and Chaos Warriors have 120 actual health in Legend.


You’re right, my bad.

Also, Chaos Warriors have hyper armour. There is no test dummy to try that out. Some weapons left clicks that work on armour, will not work on Chaos Warriors.
Also it should be noted that most weapon charged attacks do damage to armour, including hyper armour.

thanks for the info

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