Power VS Chaos Warrior


Anyone know if you need power vs chaos or power vs armored for CW or mabey both

Seeing as the Chaos Warrior is both armored and Chaos
I would assume “power VS” both would work.
Please do correct me if I’m wrong though.

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I have neither. I stacked crit power and crit chance on my elf. And the charged attack for the glave can 1 shot the CW nearly every single time.

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Not 100% sure but CW are a different armour type so unless they included both standard armour and super armour under that one property I’d guess not.

Power vs Chaos works, Power vs Armored does not (at least in 1.07, haven’t checked in 1.08 Beta)

I’ve heard from some of the meganerds that “against armor” now applies to both armored (Stormvermin, gunners, flamers) and boss armor/superarmor (mauler heads, Chaos Warriors, armored bosses), now.


Nice, thanks.

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