Power vs. ... efficiency

Since i am getting a good bunch of reds now, i finally try out different builds and am somewhat confused about the whole power vs. … property.

For example, I rolled power vs. infantry and power vs. armored on the drakefire pistols and charm of my IB. The important part here is the power vs. infantry, since i want to be effective against hordes and the power vs. armored was just a random luck roll.

Now, i looked up the enemys on the wiki page and there arent much enemys counting as infantry and armored in the first place. So wouldnt it be strictly better, to get power vs. skaven and power vs. chaos, since those two cover every enemy in the game? I guess a combination of power vs. skaven and power vs. infantry would increase the damage against clanrats/slaverats more than just power vs. skaven, but wouldnt that be way too specific in the first place?

I mean, anti-horde should be able to deal with every Kind of infantry, so a weapon focused on handling only skaven infantry efficiently seems kind of redundant.

So, is stacking power vs. skaven and power vs. chaos just strictly better than anything else, or do i miss something obvious here?

Infantry is probably the largers armour-class, consisting of anything that isn’t armoured or a berserker (packmaster being the only regular enemy that is considered monster). With factions, except for some very specific builds where you hit break points to 1hk stormvermin, going with chaos is always a better choice.

When i started dabbling with “power vs.”, I always thought I’d be too specialized, but just consider that you don’t gimp your power against anything else, you just get more power vs. other things. Most of the time, I find myself going against chaos, because they have hardier enemies in general. Clanrats and slaverats usually die after one hit anyway and have very little cleave-mass. For example, I have a red drake cannon on which I run infantry and chaos and 10% infantry and chaos on charm. The double infantry buff is enough to melt through any skaven mob, but having 40% more power against chaos mobs absolutely melts them away. I found that especially chaos marauders would often survive being blasted by my cannon, only getting dropped to the ground and then I had a problem when I was recharging. After I switched to this setup when running cannon, anything chaos that isn’t a CW absolutely gets murdered, even maulers. Stormvermin still get permastaggert, so I don’t have to worry about them either, I can take them out with my melee.

It’s really hard to say what is “better”, it all comes down to the question what you want to do with your whole build and what breaking points you want to hit.

Here you can find all enemies armour types, bodymass and HP numbers, feel free to use it. It’s an old sheet but still can be usefull enough.

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Armor certainly is limited, only including SV, ratling/warpfire and chaos warriors, but infantry is probably the one that competes fairly well with skaven/chaos. So many enemies with useful breakpoints are infantry. A combination of infantry+armor would be strictly inferior to chaos+skaven, but at the same time you can’t actually roll that on your ranged weapon (and apparently not on your charm since the patch), so it’s not really an alternative.
I personally wouldn’t even mind it being available on ranged weapons, i generally go for really specific breakpoints, where just going skaven+chaos might not be worth it, especially considering the weakness of skaven basic infantry (clanrats+slaves).

welcome to breakpoint optimization

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Noice, thank you guys.

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