Item properties : Power versus

Hey guys,
Here is the list of power versus possibilities

Wondering which one increase dmg versus all the different specials, specially packmaster and chaos sorcerers ?

I know that packmaster in V1 had the same resistance than a rat ogre ( resistant ), so it wouldnt surprise me if the resistant armor category would be monsters and apply to packmaster ( thats why shotgun dont kill them in one shot at close range while any other special get killed ).
While bosses could either be armored or resistant, like for the storm fiend who is armored in the front and resistant in the back.
For chaos sorcerer my best guess would be infantry or monsters, since they are not armored.

I m really interested to know so i can choose my stats on my ranged weapon.

EDIT : i found the list of enemy categories

I always wondered what they mean with “Infantry” ? ist not like there is any real kavalerie, riding on horses or smth like that

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I think is horde mobs, so slaves and clan rat / northlander

Ok i found this

So i guess it answer my question :slight_smile:

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Not shure. This table has names like “special” and “elite”, so new question: are they considered to be separate class? And no anti-infantry bonuses work towards them? Or if you want to gear against them, then you need p vs armoured? But then there is mauler, who has armoured head, so, do you need to headshot him to have this bonus? And if you aim for body, it is not armoured nor it is infantry? So P vs Scaven/Chaos is generaly better than anty class power, because all of enemies belong to one or another, while others are pretty situational? And, do P vs armoured work against stormfiend, since it is a monster? And, are named bosses considered to be monsters? And if you say “no”, them what about Deathrattler? Again, more questions than answers :disappointed_relieved:

Indeed hard to know for sure, i think i ll go for p vs skav and chaos on my ranged, i wanted to increase power against packmaster and chaos sorcerer but not sure what class they really are in the end.