What category does beastmen belong to "Power vs ?"

Hi i’m trying to make a build based on power instead of staggering and other builds where i can rely on constant damage. The thing is, does beastmen belong to the infantry or armored when changing stats on weapon?

Chaos and infantry. Bestigors and Wargors are chaos and armoured but iirc the head of the wargor counts as berserker.

I recommend using the Damage and Breakpoints Calculator.

Thanks you i will dig into it now!

I just spented a trillion recourses to figure that my meele weapon only could roll power vs skaven or chaos… My god i feel stupid hahaha. I am following the wiki tho https://vermintide2.gamepedia.com/Properties

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Yeah it’s a pain, hopefully they’ll rework basegame crafting at some point in future (like they did for weaves)

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Ha ha
As well as the dedicated servers. :wink:

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There are no dedicated servers at Fatshark, here you are safe, here you are free.