Fanboying speculation: Beastmen unit composition

As said all is speculation for fanboying’s sake.
I’m quite sure FS isn’t completely sure about every detail of the composition yet so even relatively official sources might be off when summer comes around.
It seems that Fatshark want’s to implement the first relatively common ranged units as well as play with common enemies equipped with spears and therefore good melee range for us to deal with.


Horde unit
Variants: One handed / Spear / 1h & Shield

Ungor Archer

Common ambient

Fatshark was testing packs of bow-wielding Ungors


Common ambient
Variants: One handed / Spear / 1h & Shield

Official image



A Bestigor favored and makred by the chaos god Nurgle.

Current best fit with the pestilent dark pact we have going.


Elite / Special
Variants: Twohanded Axe / 1h & Shield

The Beastmen’s elite unit is the Bestigor, a giant, armoured hulk who charges players—also knocking over any other enemies that get between him and his target. Their special, rather than ambushing players like the Gutter Runner or Packmaster, plays more of a support role.



The Standardbearer will place totems that will buff nearby enemies with effects like invulnerability, forcing players to deal with the problem before clearing out the hordes.


Monster / CW lvl Elite

Official image




Now I must state here that this is the most stretched of all on this list. This monster is not really something a herd keeps but it can follow it. I’m not that sure about it’s size but almost all other monstrous creatures of the Beastmen are of giant size. It also has quite the neat ranged grappling skill to make it special and unique among our monster cast.

Things I don’t think we will see:

  • Centigors
    Because the Bestigors already charge around

  • Beastman Chaos Spawn
    We already have one

  • All giant monsters


I agree on most accounts!

Here is how I imagine things rolling out:

  • Minotaur will certainly be the monster (if they add one), but I’d love to be proven wrong and even see two new monsters!
  • Bestigors will likely be their armor and come in 1-2 flavors.
  • Gors will come in 2-3 flavors: heavy melee, spear units, and potentially archers
  • Ungors will come in 1-2 flavors: horde units and potentially archers
  • Doombull might be added as a full-on boss, but they’d be under-sold anywhere else

I agree about the Centigors as well, as they would be ridiculously shaped and hard to add.

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I was nodding my head in approval while going through your post until I saw that Tauren with a Horde emblem on his pauldron. That pretty much broke the immersion :rofl:


Wait a second… you sure that’s a Horde symbol??

Since you mentioned it I’ve had my eyes glued to it trying to see the symbol, but I think it might just be blood. Maybe. I don’t know.

Oh it totally is. The hands on the tauren give it away; three fingers while the Warhammer Minotaur has a full hand.

Good friggin’ eye, my man.

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Thanks :sunglasses:
Yeah, the the 3 fingers gave it away, but the the whole style and looks is kinda WoW-ish, cartoonish.

Anyway, the Minotaur

The Doombull

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Non of them look that good (not distinctive enough, actually represent Doombulls or Gorebulls) and WoW copied the whole big armor look from GW anyway. :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe should have sicked to the official one:


Just noticed I forgot about berserkers not that this faction needs to have them necessarily but they are probably just a different kind of Gor just as the Savage is nothing else than a marauder.

Any suggestions?

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My guess, a mad Gor with dual wield axes (or dual wield scythes), maybe with a more greenish skin to stick out from the mass and to represent Pestigors. A green cloak or maybe a naked gor with loincloth but with skin painted in green (pretty much like savage is painted white).

Hmmmm… it’s hard to say what would fit the bill properly. I agree with @Angerblaze that they would probably embody Pestigors if one of the other units didn’t already.

I think the styles of horns will certainly help us pick out which is which (along with equipment, of course). I have a feeling Gors/Bestigors will represent whatever grouping of Elites there are.

Bestigors will certainly be their armor, but maybe there will be a variation that is an armored dual-wielder?? Good golly, that would hurt.

A fully armored Bestigor with dual wield axes is charging towards you, what do you do?





Berserkers can’t be armored that’s not their armor or design type.

No no, we made a small digression there in regards to being rap.ed by a fully armored bestigor :slight_smile:
If beastmen faction would have berserkers, it will probably be gors, possibly Pestigors.

I’m not a Beastmen expert and wasn’t able to find these Pestigors (Lore) only Gors that look like they prayed to dady Nurgle a bit to much.

Also to those with saved Warhammer Artwork: Feel free to post a better Minotaur pic so we can purge this heresy.

Yeah, there’s not much about them on the web except a short description on lexicanum. But, when I opened up the Beastmen rules from the 6th edition, I did find out that they are in fact bestigors.


Well I did paste them a couple of posts above, they are all official warhammer artwork.

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I won’t comment on what would fit what slot, but I will pose a question to you who know their WHF (and Beastman) lore far better than me: The latest comments about armored Berserkers certainly sound frightening (and would indeed bring an interesting change to some dynamics), but is there a sensible non-armored Elite enemy, either as a variant or its own unit?

A big reason why every weapon needed to be made effective against armor (the last of them during the BBB, iirc) was and is the prevalence of armored units on Legend especially. There is so much tin cans walking around that (melee) weapons that can’t deal with armor just won’t cut it (hah), and having a new faction with only armored Elites certainly won’t help our weapons’ variance.

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You don’t have you know neater concept art? :pleading_face:

No no, that was just a joke, I don’t expect to see armored berskers :smiley:

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