What do we know about beastmen roster?

Hi guys!

I’d like to ask you whats your information about beastmen units?
As I know ungors will be the weakeast like slave rats. Gors will be medium like marauders I think with shield variation too. It is confirmed that bestigors will be the heavy infantry for them. There will be archers and a special unit I dont know the name (can protect another beastmen till he dies from damage). I think they plan more types of specials but not as many as the skavens have. I am sure about minotaur as monster unit. But can we expect another one like the basic factions have? Yes its difficult but I can imagine only Jabberslythe for that role, what do you think? I didnot hear anything about berserker unit. And will we get a boss in the expansion like a beastlord or a bray shaman? I’d really really like it. And I hope the roster will as wide as the basic factions have: minor infantry, medium/medium with shield, heavy maybe two variations,berserker, 2 monsters, at least 2 specials, and a boss that would be amazing

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Feedback ? Its more like general

They’re most likely not going to tell us anything outside Live Streams until the release date. They were very secretive with the last DLC.

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