Beastmen Need More Units

Beastmen currently feel incomplete. Other than the Bestigor charge, archers, banner-smashing, and the occasional Minotaur, the Beastmen don’t offer much gameplay-variance and seem pretty dull. I think they need more special units, and it would be cool to see:

Harpies: A flying diabler similar to Assassins, or a less-stagger-proof berserker that circles or perches between swooping attacks

Razorgor/Chaos Warhound: Same mechanic as a Bestigor charge, but results in an assassin-type disable.

Bray Shaman: Can pop around like leeches/stormers and shoot fly-swarms or aoe fire/lightning. Or be a boss if WoM and Dark Omens ever get a sequel.

Wargor: A Chaos-Warrior type heavy

Centigor: Another heavy, can have yet another charge attack since that’s what Beastmen do best. Also can kick enemies behind him.

Doombull: Another boss


They don’t need more units. Skavens needs more units :stuck_out_tongue:

Pestigors, that’s all they need.


I would disagree.

If there are more Beastmen units, it would introduce some variety into their ranks and as a result, also make their random spawns more interesting. Especially on Dark Omens (it’s not fun walking through the burnt forest while being pin cussioned with arrows from every single direction).

Yeah bring in the Censer Bearers!
Or the Warplock Jezzails!

I would be curious if a Chaos Warrior with a Shield would work. Where you have to play some tricky shenanigans to get behind his defence.
Or a fricking Chosen?

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Well we theoreticall have 2 chosens, gatekeeper and Bodvarr

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Those bastards… the number of ragequits would skyrocket. :smile:


They always confuse me.
Sometimes they are called Champions or Chieftain. I never heard the word Chosen pop up I think.

They seem to me to be between Chaos Warrior and Bodvarr in terms of Badassery

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But think about the possible Bullet dodging Matrix moments tho.
Bardin should have the advantage on that regard.

The beastmen should’ve been a pestiors at the very first place. The chaos warriors that works with vermins are Nurgle worshipers. The beastmen should be too. It’s way more lore-friendly.

Otherwise, I think they should against all of them and us.

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I’ve had the opinion since Beta for WoM that the Beastman faction felt incomplete and the devs falling back on “they are meant to emphasize hordes” only used that as an excuse for releasing an incomplete faction with only 1 monster, 1 special and 1 elite.

The whole “horde” excuse though has clearly fallen flat on it’s face due to bugs, imbalances and outright silly design decisions like having short spearmen skewering through big bulky bruisers without damaging said bruisers.

After finally getting WoM while it was on sale I am also now more of the opinion that Cataclysm shouldn’t have been behind a paywall and it too is just a lazy lesser version of what the modding community has put out.

Really wish Fatshark went back and gave old work some well deserved attention rather then sweeping all the problems under some nearby convenient rug. In before VT3 I guess…

I hate the beast-men personally. I think the game should focus far more on Skaven (its called Vermintide after-all) They did a good job reasoning and plot reasoning chaos in. But Beast-men I see no reason for them to be pact sworn or have any involvement with the alliance between Clan Fester and the Rotblood’s

Personally I think weaves are a complete and utter failure. They should have just focused on a few more unique missions to complete the beast-men faction, that way we would have some more unique maps, a more complete faction of enemies, and another Boss fight (probably a Doombull or a Bray Shaman) with some actual explanation as to why the Beast-men are suddenly helping past “Warpstone meteor, now they involved, deal wit it”

I see absolutely no reason for weaves, and PVE competition / rankings, in this type of game. They could have done that with the core game and focused on more unique maps / missions, rather than the silly weaves which have for the majority of the community divided people as well as been a complete failure.

They want endless difficulty for people to really push the limits? Can just do that with Cataclysm, and once you clear Cataclysm you can keep adding +1 to it… Cata1,2,3,4,5 etc… see how high people can clear but keep it in the core game. Not some silly D3 rip off rift system separated out from the game

WoM imho is kind of a failure. Castle D which is completely free puts the entire WoM expansion to shame imho. Obviously I cant speak for everyone, but pretty sure most of the community cares more about unique maps, story, and lore progression more than comparing the size of their sigmar hammers in Weaves

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I feel like the Skaven are well fleshed out as a faction. If anything perhaps adding 1 more distinguished elite as opposed to Stormvermin ver. 2.

I was kinda hoping we would’ve seen some inter faction fighting going on between Beastmen vs Chaos / Skaven. Especially in Dark Omens where they are super territorial - yet still borrow the other faction specials because they only have 1…

Weaves I also don’t quite understand how and why they implemented them like they did. Imo Fatshark is trying to break into more competitive gaming by going for the PVE Competitive Element with Weaves and eventually the PVP game mode. It’s really odd why they are investing so much into something other then what they base game revolves around. Rather then pin pointing all their effort into one thing and doing it super well they just decided to go with a shotgun approach resulting in a superficial success.

I mean… development of the game has always been kinda shaky though the latest update they seem to be doing better.

Cataclysm could’ve been so much more but in the end it’s just arbitrary stat increases and number tweaks while in some aspects being easier with no need for tomes / grims.

Fully agreed. I’m rather sad that WoM only had 1 map and didn’t feature the beastman from the actual trailer - would’ve been a greater connection if we had a boss who would ambush the heroes a few times before being forced to fight near the herdstone at the end.

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I’m actually all for Versus mode (mostly because I am a Skaven lover and want to play as some of the Skaven specials) I just hope they tie it into the main game / progression so it doesn’t alienate the majority of the community similar to weaves. L4D and L4D2 versus mode where some of the funnest and funniest experiences I have had in gaming, very unique gameplay

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