Beastmen unit suggestions

I think most will agree that the Beastmen are an underdeveloped faction with only only one elite, one special, one monster and a couple horde units. While fighting them, the game has less unit diversity, because for a while you’re only going to be fighting a faction that is not fully fleshed out. Here’s my suggestions for what could be added.

  • shielded gors (or ungors)
  • berserker gors, dual wielding axes. Plague monks attack in a fast flurry of blows with delays in between, and savages attack with a steady pace, so berserker gors should be something unique. My proposal is to make them attack twice at the same time, meaning one hit could break your block, and another could slip past and damage you, similar to the minotaur, but they’d have rather predictable attack patterns so as to not make them oppressive. Make them have a bit more health than gors, and have them be as common as chaos maulers. This would give the Beastmen some flavour as a faction with a lot of high damage dealing, but vulnerable units, and this would make Bestigors less common, so they won’t fill cata+ hordes as much.
  • beastmen leech. A reskin of the Chaos Leech, with the exact same attack, just a different look.
  • beastmen shaman. Uses the spell ‘Bray Scream’ from the Beastmen lore of the wild. Caster would charge up a cone-shaped spell in front of the targeted player in a few seconds, which blasts everything (including allies) for a moderate amount of damage and knockback.

Another thing I feel that needs to be overhauled is Beastmen attack patterns, specifically that of gors. Some people may not share my opinion, but I think that gors still have bad attack animations with instant, no windup slaps for 68dmg and annoying range. This should be changed.
Ungor spearmen should have a modified version of their behaviour back.
Ungor archers are either harmless or rage-inducing, don’t know what to do about them.

Tell me what you think about this.


Personally, I don’t think Beastmen are underdeveloped. They have always been meant as a Supplement for the previous enemy rooster and they fill that spot very well. They are primary a horde race and rely on their strenght as horde which is why they have fewer specials than the other races. Skaven while numerours have still a weak horde and therefore rely more on specials. Specials from Chaos/Skaven appearing on Dark Omens is also not a problem and also not Immersion breaking. Consider them as scouting units if necessary. Also they stop spawning after getting close enough to the comet.

I am very grateful that Fatshark avoided (at least in the beginning) just some reskinning of the Beastmen enemies and only brought units which for the most part deliver a new, fresh and interesting element to the gameplay. The last thing we need is more disablers. Only way I would support a new disabler is if an old one gets removed (like shuuu away Packmaster) and if he is different from current disablers as all disablers have a horrible design flaw. Also two other suggestions from you are just reskins. The only one which brings something new to the table and is original is the Shaman. This is something which could work.

All in all, I don’t think new specials for Beastmen is the way to go. They are and should stay horde focused and less Gimmick/special focused. Even the one special they have is there to enhance the horde which is a good design. That said enemies which support the horde focus would be welcome. So one or two more elites appear reasonable to me. But only if they bring something new to the table. As such, no to the Berserker gor with two axes which is a reskin. But something like Beastmen Warhounds as Berserker enemies could be interesting and fit into the “wild” Concept part of the Beastmen. They would be faster than other Berserker-type enemies like the Plague Monks, would have a minimal knockback like the arrows but would do not so much damage (think around the damage value of the now crippled ungors).

Design-wise Beastmen are very well doneand a good supplement. Beastmen being incomplete is an unsustainable argument as they have been designed specifically with the mindset of bringing something new instead of just more boring reskins.

I don’t agree with this at all. Leeches are some of the most pathetically weak specials in the game, you can dodge 10 of them with minimal effort at once, unlike packmasters and assassins, and all it would add is some flavour and unit variety, since you won’t have packmasters, assassins or leeches during beastmen hordes anyways, so you won’t have more disablers.
How exactly are the gor berserkers a reskin? The only enemy in the game that attacks twice at the same time is the minotaur with one of its attacks, so how would this be a reskin? And a reskin of what? And how would it not enhance beastmen hordes, since that’s apparently what you want?
Same for shielded beastmen, how would it not make the hordes significantly more interesting since it would give the hordes more mass and protection against cleave. And it makes sense.
With all of these suggestions beastmen would still be a horde focused faction and would benefit grealy in unit variety and hordes, so how would these suggestions be bad?
The reason why I’m suggesting this is because I don’t like fighting against beastmen. They’re boring, they lack unit variety, and they make up at least 1/3 of the enemies you fight despite them being an incomplete faction with vastly less units than the other two factions.

monks have some double hitting attacks, but they don’t have the stamina damage to break your guard and hit you before you recover.