Beastmen Faction Incomplete

Compared to the Skaven and Chaos Norsca factions the Beastmen are definitely lagging behind.

Only 1 map centered around the Beastmen with no Lord to fight, 1 Monster, 1 Elite and 1 Special.

I believe that eventually we need to see these unfulfilled facts rectified.

For another Monster I would suggest either a Giant or a Cygor although the latter may be a bit much for the 5 to deal with. I imagine the current Bile Troll assets could be used for such an enemy though obviously the animations/moveset/etc… would need to be adjusted.

Elite I’m not entirely sure about. Imo it would nice to have the ranged Ungor’s be delegated to an elite and then add a variant of Ungor that would wield a 1h weapon and perhaps a shield. This would mean the Ungor Archer’s wouldn’t be nearly as populated due to being an Elite + would help fix the current issue of too many Ungor Spearmen being in the backline of a mob of Gor’s.

Another option would be to have a Gor Berserker type enemy as an Elite and then the Ungor Raider as a ranged/melee special that could also throw a weighted net at it’s target to debuff dodge, movement, stamina regeneration.

Fixing the lack of a map showcasing a Lord I think Dark Omen’s could include the antagonist from the trailer to fit that shoe rather well and perhaps having another map set before Dark Omen. Maybe have the 5 deal with the increase in raiding Beastmen and save some sort of objective. Like defending a village or something. Upon completion the 5 venture out to see why the Beastmen are acting up all of a sudden which ties into Dark Omen quite well imo.

Anyways, just a few suggestions.


You have right but I think some different units.
Giant and Cygor is too big to be a monster in the game, but there is Jabberslythe in the beastmen roster which could fit to the game.
I really miss bray shamans as specials. Just a simple bray shaman who can shoot amber spear which is an orange powerfull magic projectile.
Yes some Gor berserkers with dual weapons also fit to the game.
And of course I really really miss the beastmen boss from the expansion. Even the gors say ,For the beastlord". I am really diasappointed with the only 1 map
I hope FS keep something for us in the future. You can check in every mission like Helmgart or back to ĂĽbersreik there are lines which connect the different maps on the screen for example in helmgart mission its an orange one. And you can see four chains which comes out from dark omens map, maybe I only hope this means we will get 4 additional maps

Yea after looking at some of the Total Warhammer videos I agree that even the Giant would be too big.

I only bring those two up as the Bile Troll assets could be re-used somewhat for a similar type enemy unlike the Jabberslythe which would be a ton more work.

Another option could be a Beastmen Chaos Spawn although that might be met with some criticism. Norsca chaos spawn could be re-used in this case with some changes to the model, attack animations and instead of the grab perhaps just have it’s attacks apply a damage over time or something.

I would be wary of trying to add an enemy like the Jabberslythe or Centigor as the amount of work would be vastly more difficult.

Bray Shaman would also be quite interesting to look into.

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