Expanded Beastman roster

Ok, this is a threat to suggest some expansions for the Beastman rooster of units. I know many people dislike the Beastmen faction but I wanted to get this out.



Infantry - One thing is that I’d suggest is perhaps to break up the Beastman hordes with some less Gors instead of Ungors and diversify their equipment a bit to make them a challenge to fight without relying simply on massive numbers to that trick.

Gors with shields

Gors with two weapons

Ungors with hand weapons


Bovigor - Essentially a Gor with a bull head and with chain mail and some nice weapons and a bit better stats

Pestigor - Like a Bestigor but without the charge and more HP, in addition it could use a two-handed axe as its weapon with some attack and tricks.

PS: I loved the part about the design of the Bretonnian longsword attacks and such from medieval longsword manuals. Keep that stuff coming!


Beastman Swarmhost - Shoots flies at the heroes

Ungor Netter - Runs up and throws a net over a hero to immobolize it

Bray-Shaman ideas based on the “Lore of th Wild” spells

Beastial Surge - Increase Beastmen movement

Viletide - Shoot swarms of flies at heroes, same as the “Beastman Swarmhost” idea above but with a shaman doing it instead

Devolve - Drain hero stamin in exchange for increased attack speed by the heroes

Bray Scream - A sound wave that reduces the heroe stamina and potentially staggers them

Traitor-kin - Caused targeted hero to do friendly fire with melee attacks

Mantle of Ghorok - Select a Beastman creature and boost that creature greatly

Savage Dominion - Spawn a Beastman faction monster. Presumably one at a time and with perhaps 10-15 seconds between the death of one monster and that the Bray-Shaman starts to summon another.



Cygor - Possibly to similar to the Minotaur






Warhammer Wiki

Beastmen Army Book (7th edition)


Pestigor would make sense to appear now since the next Dlc is about the Chaos Waste

Would it be a Lord ? or a special ?

As for the monster that are there, I think the only problem is that FS hasn’t put any quadrupedal entity (Wolf Rat, Chimerat, Chaos Wolf, Giant Rat,…)


The swarmhost seems to be the easiest to implement, since we have that mechanic already, and the bestmen could use a disabler.
Most of the other “specials” you described could be problematic together with the beastmen banners.
A Chimera would be cool, it could be similar to the Stormfiend.

Generally speaking, I think we need units that will enable a faction to stand alone for a reasonable chunk of a map, without having to rely on skaven specials. Sometimes it makes sense for skaven to be there and helping, other times (like in dark omens) not so much.


Ghorgon boss map, when?

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I agree that the Beastman faction needs more units. It is incomplete at the moment. Having to depend on chaos and skaven for specials is stupid and mixing all the different factions together really homogenizes the combat experience. If factions didn’t mix so much and if each of them had a full complement of units that challenged different aspects of team’s play and abilities, I think that different runs/maps would feel more unique.

At the very least I’d like to see an additional Minotuar variant for beastmen and a full complement of specials - I really like most of your suggestions. Having a few more variants ofexisting units (chaos warrior and bestigors with different weapons and movesets) would be nice and maybe a quicker way to introduce more challenges into the game without having to create units de novo.


I would love to see more special/Elite:
Bestigor Horn caller:

  • Cause smaller horde to appear when he toot his horn
  • Armoured
    Bestigor Head Taker (Big Axe or Bastard Sword):
  • Armoured and work like the Storm Vermin
    Standart bearer is already there

Bestigor Patrol:
-Armoured Bestigor (Bestigor Head Taker)

Bray Shaman:
3 variant

  • Lore of Life (Regen and plant based spell, maybe poison buff )
  • Lore of Beast (Use of beast, crow/rats/wolf)
  • Lore of the Wild (Custom Lore of Magic for the BeastMen)

Monster (size small)

  • Can slow one character for a small time can’t fly but can jump and use his wing to create blast of wind



I would place bray-shamans as specials and possibly use a Great Bray-Shaman as a Lord in some story arc similar to how Nurgloth was used.

For quadrupedal monsters that is true. But I recall the Rat Ogre having some Quadrupedal movment so I don’t think the issue would be impossible for FS to implement.


And during my travels upon the fields of Warhammer lore I found another cool boss idea for the Beastmen. Either as an opponent to fight or as something the Beastmen try to summon and which the Ü5 must stop.

An elemental of the magical “Wind of Beast”


I thought they would be a Pestigors in the very first place. Not just a common beastmen.

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Would love to see pestigors as an unarmoured but even higher health equivalent of the chaos warrior. Would help to make weapons better against unarmoured targets more attractive.


True that. The only question is thus if it should like the Skaven specials that wanders about or the Rotblood ones that teleport themselves? Essentially if it should be a mutated Beastman or a Bray-Shaman?

Ok. I think I can see your point but if would like to elaborate I would appreciate that. In my experience having a “RNG Rolls of Doom” isn’t a totally uncommon way to see a run ended.

True that. Something one could do to differentiate would be to allow the Chimera to do jumps/leaps with the aid of its wings instead of the Stormfiend’s charge?

The idea would be to make the Chimera more mobile than the Stormfiend and perhaps, if desired, make range a more useful tactic than the common “get behind and then hack and slash” tactics usually working well against the Stormfiend, as the Chimera would be more able to move about. But not to the degree that actually catching it should be difficult.

Totally agree with this. I’ll try to come up with some more interesting ideas for specials that could add some stuff to the Beastman faction.

I’d say ASAP. Who wouldn’t want to have a sparring with this guy? :smiley:

That is very true, especially about the specials. I’ll see if I can make some more suggestions and if possible without being some kind of copy-cat on the Skaven specials.

Agreed. Maybe we could have “champion” versions of some of the infantry types as presented in the army books? In that each regiment of units can usually have a leader, or champion, with somewhat better starts and gear.

Look cool in both regards.

This could be cool. Especially if it was a Horn Caller, a Standard Bearer and a Head Taker at the same time with a bunch of Bestigors.

One thing to remember is the Bestigor charge. So should the Head Taker and Horn Caller join that charge or hang back, or how do you imagine this to work when they get into action?

While cool i think we should remember that each special is only likely to have a single spell, and se it would essentially be a special for each spell in those lores. But otherwise I think this looks good.

While cool it would break with how monsters in general are presented in this game. It not something that I would dislike but it sounds more like a monsterous special than a monster.

True that. Still, better later than never. :wink:

I think sounds pretty good but there’s a problem with the lore. Bestigors, and even more marked warriors like the Pestigors, are of great status and strength among the Beastmen. And both of the factors are things allow the Pestigors to have a first-pick-place among the Beast for loot and get prioritized when it comes to good gear. So them not having armour might be odd even if I probably wouldn’t have much of a problem with it.


Some more ideas for Beastmen troops, somewhat on elites. and most importantly specials.


Change from my first post. Perhaps change the Bovigors from having mail and shields to simply being armed with a mace or spiked club, possibly aslo a shield and let them bludgeon the heroes without much armour to protect the Bovigors.

I got my lore wrong and it seems these guys are stronger and dumber than the average Beastmen so they probably shouldn’t get something as fancy as armour.


Foe-render and Halfhorn

Provide upgraded versions of Gors into an elite status to represent small group leaders called “Foe-render” for the Gors and “Halfhorn” for the Ungors. I imagine these could be a bit larger than the normal versions of their respective enemy, more impressive horns and perhaps some cool Chaos runes tattoos to make them stand out from the common troops?

Quadrupedal enemies

Something which I have been thinking about is four-legged enemies. The great problem with this is getting on and off different heights. But I personally wonder if the animation for this couldn’t be to let them make a leap that takes their fore limbs over the edge and they then pull themselves up?

The risk is that it might look odd but if anytone would figure it out it would be the people over at Fatshark. :slight_smile:


Centigors could be armed with a hand weapon or a spear, and perhaps some of them with a shield, and come charging which means that they would be similar to the Bestigors but without the armour but probably with some faster attacks but also present a larger target and constantly faster movement.

Chaos Hounds (as a form of infantry-special)

These could also be added to the Rotbloods and work like an assassin which can only make a short leap forward but takes a bit more beating to put down, and naturally will come running over the ground without the ninja-moves.


I’ve gone through the “Tome of Corruption” with its list for mutations associated with Nurgle and also the “Gifts of Nurgle” list for suitable ideas.

I didn’t get together as many ideas as I thought but here are a few. I figure that the Bray-Shamans can perhaps act as the non-warrior specialists while other specialists are a bit tougher Beastmen warriors with some special effect?

Boilgor - Works like a bit tougher Gor, with several big boils, but when struck there’s a 0,3-0,5 seconds delay before there’s a gush of dark green acid in the direction from where the attack was launched. Being hit gives acid damage. Thus forcing the characters to keep moving or get into trouble.

Vomit Beast - A Gor with a swollen body, walks a bit slower than the normal Gors, and can vomit over a piece of terrain to cause heavy acid damage on anyone walking over it and so act as an area denier.

Plague Beast - A Beastman warrior who has a chiming bell with him. He can both attack with his weapon and spread his plague around him. But the effect is the same. The hero will get a curse that lasts for a time. I am not terribly sure about the effects for this one but something similar to the Grail Knight blessing but in reverse seems likely. Thus acting as both an area denier and also a debuffer/curser on the heroes.

Mask of Decay - A Gor with a iron mask-helmet over his face. When close to the characters he gives a roar and then his eyes turn into an intense clear green and any hero close by are affected by the same kind of visual effects we call love from the end event in Convocation.

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Beastlord boss when? Also would still like to see skaven warlords and chaos champions added as monsters. Maybe as weaker ones to accompany smaller patrols as a third type of super dangerous event


Before I forget, I should add that FS can, if they would so chose, also based future bosses - be it Skaven, Norscan or Beastman - on the Gifts of Chaos and magical weapons that are found in respective armies army books.

Every boss in the game so far has had a magical weapon so it would make sense to me if we can collect more of these in future encounters. :slight_smile:

EDITED: And one more thing, if GW clears the go ahead, FS might consider “Beastfiends” as an elite or special opponent in connection with the Chaos Wastes Expansion.


As someone who enjoys fighting Beastmen, I wholeheartedly support the suggestions in this topic. While Skaven can stand as a faction on their own in the game, and the same could be said for the Rotbloods. The Beastmen have, only, one elite type (Bestigor) and one special (The Standard Bearer), they could use a different elite type (Berserk Bestigor, without armor of course) and more specials so they can stand as their own faction without having to rely a lot on Skaven specials.


Chaos could be a standalone faction even with just 2 specials, but they probably need 1 or 2 more to be completely standalone. But yeah, the beastmen have it way worse.

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Yay i hope that if the Chaos Waste introduce the Deamon of Chaos it will be:

  • Lord (Not that important)
  • 2-3 Monster (Maybe Chaos Ogre, Yeti and WereBear)
  • 2-3 Special
  • 1-2 Elite
  • A few Mob unit

How about a hound master type special? Same health and armour as a wargor maybe, but can only attack by summoning chaos war hounds


weirdly enough it would fit Chaos more

Chaos War Hound were the Chaos Of Warrior Warmachine Hunter (Fast, Cheap, Not Armoured, Flanking Bonus)

The Equivalent for the beastmen would be the Harpy, Chariot, Razorgor and Ungor

So in this case it would be Razorgor


For either the Rotbloods or the Beastmen, it would be great if we could have a “Kennel Master” enemy special.

That would be awesome!

I can see something similar to “Death on the Reik” where instead of a ship we travel with a wagon driven by a steam-engine and Beastmen, and Rotblood, chariots comes to drive up on the sides and deliver warriors onto the wagon.

Or, for that matter, a boss who enters the arena to fight the Ü5 on a chariot and so the first phase is basically to crash this Lord’s ride before he can be fought on foot. :smiley:


definitely would like to see beastmen have a little more variety to their roster; they’re very one-note at the moment

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