Beastmen behavior changes: a small suggestion

There was some real good feedback on another thread regarding beastmen, but the messages got quickly buried in the discussion about the factions presence or certain maps. Naturally I made my own with Blackjack and hookers.

Again, these are based mostly on my own experiences so take them with a pinch of salt. Discuss please!

-------Ungor Archers-------

Current: Low health pseudo-specials with infinite ammo, they gather into large groups over time and pepper players with staggering arrows. The only non-special ranged enemy unit in the game.

Suggestion: Buff their health while reducing their spawning frequency, and give them ammo counters that scale with difficulty (e.g. 5 on Recruit-Champion, 7 on Legend, 10 on Cata).

Reasoning: Archers are infuriating to deal with as they stay well outside the range of shotguns, mandating the use of handguns and other powerful ranged weapons. Because they count neither as specials or elites, killing them is usually considered waste of ammunition. Their presence becomes especially problematic in large open areas , where they have practically unlimited line of sight.

Adding finite quivers still enables them to loose a few salvos of arrows and harass the party from afar, but also make them way more manageable to Slayers and GK’s as they’d be forced to eventually engage players in melee.


Current: Their drifting while charging defies all known laws of physics. They can zigzag around corners, crowds and narrow passages without losing any speed or momentum, with hits erasing all stamina and forcing a crouch effect.

Suggestion: Give them greatly increased turn radius while charging and make the stamina loss scale proportionally with charged distance.

Reasoning: In their current state Bestigors feel unfair because of how they flawlessly track players while charging, plow through hordes and leave even tankiest classes without any stamina, a crucial resource on higher difficulties. Nerfing their effective charge range would force them to act more like conventional elites in close proximity, while still leaving them fearsome specialized opponents in large open areas where beastmen usually spawn.

-------Standard Bearers-------

Current: Haha pole goat go bmmmm

Suggestion: Tone down the knockback so successive banner plants no longer yeet players across the map.

Reasoning: I think overall this unit is quite balanced, but having two or more inside a thick horde (which all beastman hordes are by definition) is a death sentence. The enemy buffs themselves are manageable, but Standard bearers have a habit of spawning 1-3 at a time in a very short timeframe, lifting and re-planting banners over and over as they gain more ground. The constant pushing, especially in tight corridors, exposes players to elite overheads and retaliation from trash mobs.


Having played vs beastmen more, my main annoyance with archers is the fact a bunch of them can occupy the exact same spot, standing inside each other, and still shoot arrows. They should at least not be able to stack.

Being able to shoot through the five archers in front of them and an entire beastmen horde is silly too.

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