Beastmen Archers and Having Fun

By saying “Having Fun” I should probably say “Having NONE”. I’m so sick of archers. This is pretty much the last straw.

Beastmen archers are NOT FUN. Once more for the employees in the back! Beastmen Archers are NOT FUN.

Here’s an easy fix; Implement Archer Ammo. 5 arrows per beastman archer. What is wrong with that fix? Why has NOTHING been implemented when it’s such an ongoing issue? Most people still dislike the faction, and the archers are the primary reason. I know a lot of people who run it uninstalled so as not to have to deal with JUST archers. I hate the fact that I paid money for something that ruins the fun of this game so much. I hate, hate, HATE it.

That’s just me though.


Well I don’t hate the archers that much (though they are annoying but that’s the case for most enemies in this game, in their own way, and that’s the point), but I like your idea of giving them a limited number of arrows.


I don’t think they’re that bad. I like them to a degree but a massive clump of them like that is a bit much.

It’s funny, I was begging for ranged enemies at a time they weren’t around as a FU to the ranged players who killed everything before I could go in and bonk them on the noggins. That’s basically why I play with bots most often now.


I agree with OP completely. There’s lots that is annoying in this game, but getting staggered by an arrow shot by a gang of archers on a ledge in the distance gives me almost instant, blind-berzerk rage.

I dunno what the solution is though, as the idea of some ranged enemy is a good one - but the implementation is poor. In my case, I think just making the arrows do bleeding damage rather than staggering might help as it’s the staggering out of attacks that makes me incadescent with anger.


I think the archers are only a problem when there are 15 to 25 of them on an open map. The second large open area on Athel is ruined by the archer presence. You can’t fight up to them without getting chipped down, you can’t hide and ignore them. Ammo count aside they should inflict higher friendly fire to their troops to balance out their annoyance.


I dont really mind them anywhere near as much as i mind the way assassins and packmasters work <.<

Archers you can block or hide behind a rock to make them walk to you, packmaster behind a chaos warrior/few stormvermin? GG.

You´re in melee with a horde? Assassin jumps through 50 of em and lands on you, GG.


Such group of archers are usually a great test of teamplay, especially when most of the 5(4) are melee/short ranged oriented characters.

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How about adding Warplock Jezzail for skavens instead?

The worst I’ve ever experienced was on War Camp, the drop-down area after the sinking village had several dozen along the path ahead and on top of every rock formation, all loosely clustered. I was playing Slayer. It was ten minutes of just baiting them around corners, fighting several hordes . . .

The ammo limit is just a great solution, I think.

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