Remove archers

Beastmen in general are a fun faction, yes they need some tweaks and spear boys are annoying in hordes, but overall i like them.

I don’t like archers, i feel that they don’t ‘belong’ in vermintide, if you wanna keep archers i would make them spawn way less and maybe make them face you when they target you. Adding blocking to the arrows when facing them is nice, but when ur on against the grain and the entire field is filled with archers, goodluck facing all directions. I think the banners are a way more fun way to make teams push towards something or throwing bombs on banners is way more satisfying than pushing from archer group to archer group holding block still getting shot by them because you were a bit off angle.

Personally wouldnt mind archers getting removed, i feel like i will never completely like them even if they keep getting tweaked.

Would like to ask some questions to people reading this:

do you enjoy archers?
do you think they ‘belong’ in vermintide?
what would you change so you would like them?


Nah Keep archers, they are annoying AF but they defiantly belong. They kind of serve the purpose of a special for Beastmen (who don’t really have any specials except for the Flag bearer) the one that charges counts as an elite

While on the subject of ranged specials there is one I feel is missing from the game…

Warplock Jezzail Team - A Sniping special that has a shield. In order to be balanced the shield is only Wood quality, thus will break after an arrow or two, leaving the Jezzail vulnerable to another shot. When it fires the shot will be a green bolt traveling towards the player, which can be dodged or blocked with a shield.

If players get close enough to a Jezzail team (that it shooting the rifle is no longer effective) it will get scared and try and retreat with his precious warplock rifle, while he leaves the clan rat with the shield to die-die. (Gameplay wise: Long distance Snipe harassing special, to try and get in some direct damage, Can be out sniped and killed but will take at least two shots with proper Skaven breakpoints to destroy the sheild and kill the Jezzail, 2 - 3 shots minimum to kill, counts as a special)


Sound just as canсer as trying to kill hookrat walking to you trough 3 bodies of chaos warriors. There still should be option to 1shot kill, luck (crit) or skill (headshot) just as for many other ranged specials

The absolute nightmare scenario, same with Warcamp when they’re all over the place and on cliffs out of bounds.
I wouldn’t want them removed but there should definitely be a cap on how many can spawn in one area.


I think archers can be a fun addition but they should have a limited amount of ammo and switch into melee afterwards so you can atleast try to sit them out in the worst case.

Can’t deal with the 360° no scope archers? :sweat_smile: JK, that’s really kinda annoying…

For me that counts for the whole beastmen faction… for now it feels like they only cause trouble over the board. I mean they are part of an EXPANSION but they just REPLACE Skaven and Chaos on base game maps and only have 1 Map where they can shine for themself. If you ask me the Beastmen should get their own “Storyline” with several Maps and a lord fight plus additional units/specials… and I guess I’m not the only one with that opinion. Personnally I really enjoy maps more when they are themed around 1 faction and only contain those… (or atleast parts of the map) like Into the Nest or Warcamp.

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Archers are really mainly just awful because of one thing - the fact that their shots stagger you. If you’re out in Against the Grain and suddenly like 20 archers pop up, if even one of them hits you (and it’s very likely since their attacks are a bit inaccurate an therefore harder to dodge) then you’ll quite literally take like 10 consecutive hits. Archers are also quite a significant force multiplier if you’re fighting a horde, since one arrow can interrupt your dodge or cancel your block. Even if they don’t do much damage, they’re extremely annoying and can basically kill you by just staggering you. It’s quite terrible for careers that don’t have good ways to kill them from range, unlike Sienna. If they removed the stagger from their shots, then they’d mainly be fine I feel.


That was mainly the reason i made this post :frowning: , one thing i’d like to add is if you are fighting a horde in a tunnel for example and there are archers all the way behind them and you are taking damage and you can’t do anything about it, even if they don’t stagger its annoying.

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Archers are really really really boring and frustrating.

I can understand, Fatshark can’t just cut off them but… what about a rework?
They could become a Ratling’s variant. I mean: same armor, same HP, same frequence, same AI… But instead of using a gatling, they use a bow. Much less rate of fire but more damage per shot. Ratling would still have more control (they can lock your team for a while) and more damage over time… Archer more “instant damage”: you can’t make an error.

This would help to give to Beastmen a “real” Special.

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Since playing with latency spikes while I wait for wired net, I found that they only target the host.

So no, don’t remove them. I like ignoring them to annoy my friend.

Thought I would add that host aggro is still an irritating issue too.

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Exactly this

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I like killing them. They give me something to jump on as Slayer and target practice for Ranger. They die so easy, and give the beatman army a frantic feel. Conservative Shooter and a crossbow, handgun or throwing axes and we got a a party!

Yea a couple archers arent a problem, it gets annoying on higher difficulties or even when there are alot spawning all around you, places you can’t reach, cliffs etc

handgun vs a pack of archers? really makes you think


really gets your noggin’ joggin’

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Trust me, you haven’t had problems with archers until you’ve met them in Ulgu.
Either way, I like having ranged enemies. Gives us variation, even though they may be pestering at times.


Only thing archers need is to drop 1 ammo per corpse, tbh. They’re perfect as is, other than that. It’s nice to have enemies and challenges that are different from the rest not just in their damage and health numbers, but their tactics.

Which is why I hope to god they bring spear ungors to their former glory.
All spear ungors really needed was a huge wind-up and a distinct, screaming voiceline for the windup animation start.


What tactics to use against archers?

Let’s say you arrive at against the grain in the field, you see archers all behind the little wooden walls shooting at you, just outside of your melee range, field also has archers, far away shooting at you, meanwhile you get hordes and elites coming at you.

Like i’m not talking about a pack of 3 archers shooting at you, yes stagger is annoying, getting hit trough a horde is annoying, but gl headshotting every archer in a pack of 10 while fighting everything else.

What i’m wondering is they wanna move away from aoe range, but then we get packs of so many archers and the only efficient way to deal with them is using aoe range, yes you can move towards them as a group, but sometimes i’d rather not aggro the entire against the grain field just to get rid of archers, and the higher the difficulty the more annoying they become. But yes a couple archers spawning inside bounds is alright, just those scenarions i typed here still happens and it also depends from map to map.

A real tactic enemy is the banner guy and the chargers, getting charged and overheaded immediatly is annoying but those enemies add a tactic, not 15 archers shooting at you at random intervals.



Yeah, Fatshark messed up by removing what made Beastmen distinct, and that is their behaviour and combat tactics (something that actually makes a faction different and more interesting). Then again it took them 3 months to release a bandaid, when any other developer would have done a proper patch in a week at most.

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Just don’t get hit lmao. Just dodge, it’s easy. Headshot each individual archer with your handgun while fighting a horde and specials breathing down your neck.


I disagree with bringing spears back to what they were. I have only one demand for ungor spearmen, and that’s that they need a clear LoS to be able to stab you- meaning they’d need to be at the front of the herd in order to attack, just like how spearmen were used in real history, as a way to deny enemy advancement.