Slight issues

ive been really enjoying this game and having a lot of fun. i made the jump to cata recently as i can clear legend as sole survivor when my team is down.

there are just a few things i hope get tweaked in the future.

  1. assassin rats still leap at super warp speed. doesnt always happens but when it does, its quite frustrating and makes it hard to counter or react to it.

  2. deeds. ive only gotten one since i started playing and i really like them and would like more. i had opened over 100 champ/leg boxes and was disappointed that i got only one deed.

  3. beastman archers. imho they are too weak and are a joke when i came across them on cata. since beastman only have one special, i think this is an opportunity to give the archers something interesting like poison/fire arrows or give them grappling hooks to pull players they hit to them so when you kill them, they would be counted as a special kill. it would also make them more dangerous so people just don’t brush them off and ignore them.

i haven’t won any cata matches yet. only started a few days ago, but i have never died to an archer. its disappointing to me they dont really do anything special and can be one shotted easily or bombed to death with shrapnel.

other than that, the game feels really good. i almost made it to the lord fight on halescourge on cata but got knocked off map by minotaur. jerk hit me from behind and i didnt hear any boss music. hacker mino lol

Archers are in a weird spot. Someone people absolutely hate them as they can hit through block and cancel actions when you get hit. During a horde, an unlucky arrow from above can drop your block and instantly kill you. On very high lvl weaves, they hit for 70 damage.

Meanwhile, I think they’re really easy. 1 shot from people much any weapon kills them instantly.

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Please do not buff the archers in any way. They are not meant to be heavy dmg dealers that kill you at close range, they’re enemies that soften you up, dealing reliable dmg at long range and can be just terrible if there’s a LOT of them in an open field during a horde.


i dont understand why people hate them. they give absolutely no reason for it. the most ive seen on cata were 6 but were easily dealt with immediately as soon as i saw them and im visually impaired. they are too weak as they are right now. the only enemies i fear on legend/cata are the minotaurs and the armored beastie guys. thats it. the rest are rubbish.

Read smoker’s reply, they are an unfair, unfun way to take damage and open up your block/stun you. In combination of other threats they become a problem that are tedious to deal with.


Yep, they even cancel ULTs if you’re unlucky enough to get hit during.


Try new beastman map. When you came to prefinal open rocky area, there are at least 30 of them, firing at you from all.sides really. Add a horde and bunch of specials, and you are not really running to them with intention to kill, you mostly dont even have time to focus shoot em all or watch out for arrows, add boss and that is you trying not to die cause of one random hit, which will break block and slow you into whatever the boss attack type or bestigor charge

i still dont understand what the problem is with archers. i dont ever get hit by them. do you guys even play games with ranged NPC enemies? in my experience, archers only focus 1 player and you deal with them the same way you’re supposed to deal with ratling gunners…

dodging away and hiding behind cover but i guess people are just too greedy and mindlessly kill enemies for the scoreboard flex.

im visually impaired but i can tell when they are on the map by the sound of their pew pews and i deal with them. like i said, they are terribly weak and are literally no threat. hell i killed 6 of them on cata without getting hit. no sweat.

this is a perfect example of why we need to get rid of the scoreboard. maybe if players actually focused on their surroundings and worrying less about green circles, no one would be complaining about archers being too hard to deal with.

idk i guess since i am visually impaired i am more aware of my surroundings than someone with perfect vision. dont take your senses for granted people.

edit: i completed dark omens on legend first try when i got winds of magic. again, archers are joke even on cata. if players pay attention, they are never a threat.

Players don’t always pay attention. If you don’t have a ranged weapon capable of dealing with them during a horde in an open area and your teammates won’t do it, they can cause you to wipe.

Archers are just annoying to deal with. I love slayer, but every time I come across archers it means Iʻm taking guaranteed damage unless I either jump in or someone cleans them up.

In a game where some weapons only have 13-15 ammo, having unlimited arrow spam mobs (not single entity units) can be pretty frustrating. They shouldnʻt have been introduced tbh, or a method of blocking the arrows shouldʻve been given.

Ex -> slice them out of the air. Unrealistic sure, but pretty skill intensive and at least slayer has a concrete way of dealing with them aside from full on leaping at them

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The warp speed assassins are still a problem yeah. Apart from the buggy movement speed they also have a tendency to climb up a ledge and then instantly leap with no windup or animation.

Archers are okay except for certain maps like Against the Grain where they can spawn really far away, sometimes outside the boundaries of the map or on top of cliffs where the players can’t get to them. Unless someone in the party has a sniping weapon there’s nothing you can really do about them. Blightstormers have the same issue because they sometimes attack the party from so far away you can’t even ping them.

I don’t mean to be rude, but I’ve seen plenty of people explaining why archers are annoying, and I’ve even seen people explain it directly to you. It’s not just random people that are talking nonsense too, it’s been echoed pretty much since archers were in the game by some pretty exceptional players that they’re annoying and lack counterplay in large numbers.

If you honestly don’t understand why people dislike them despite people having explained why a whole heap of times, that’s really on you.


A whole six? That’s pretty wow.

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all the reasons that were given can be easily countered by having better situational awareness. you fight them the same way as any other ranged enemy in the game.

what i dont understand is how someone with visual handicap can fight against archers better than people without handicap and feel they are the most weakest and disappointing enemy in the whole game.

Rat_Lives_Matter: all the reasons that were given can be easily countered by having better situational awareness. you fight them the same way as any other ranged enemy in the game.

This isn’t an issue of Get Good. Advice on how to play against archers is not helpful or constructive. This is a subjective discussions of our OPINIONS on the archers mechanics and how playing against them is not fun.

People who disagree with you CANNOT be wrong. It’s all just opinion. It’s fine if you think they are fun, or at least inconsequential, but other people have different opinions, please learn to respect them.


Again, I don’t mean to be rude but the people you’re saying just need better situational awareness are some of the best players in the game, who are pretty much without doubt better than you or me.

Every other ranged enemy in the game comes in extremely limited numbers, and bar the leech (who is huge and fires a single, very predictable shot) all have a notable impact on hordes if they fire through them. Archers can appear in huge numbers with very little warning, and spam without a lot of consequence to the enemies you’re currently fighting.

In some areas they’re borderline useless, they just do nothing and die because you can walk up to them and oneshot them, while in others they’re bar none the most annoying enemy in the game because there’s no realistic way to get to them, very little cover to use, and you just won’t have the space or ammo to sit around spamming shots at 20 archers chilling halfway across the map. You can dodge around that many if they’re all relatively close to each other with nothing else pressuring you (I’ve tested in fow arena), but when you start adding in other enemies , or spread out the archers spawn locations it gets much much harder and really lacks counterplay. It’s even worse if you run a weapon with very limited ammo, unless you’re willing to use almost all of your shots on a group of what should be trash enemies you’re just kind of walking towards them dodging and getting staggered.

An enemy that fluctuates between pointless and incredibly tilting with nothing really in between isn’t well designed at all, and none of that changes as you get better.

If you disagree with archers being annoying that’s fine, we all have our own opinions and hot takes, but don’t act like no-one’s giving you any reasons or that the people who disagree with you are all bad when that’s just not true.


Archers become a problem the more intense the game becomes. When one is dancing with a monster during a mixed horde and Ults for a revive, it is disheartening when 1 arrow stops that revive, gives a mauler a chance to push me–dropping my guard and giving a fanatic a clear hit. lost health, ult and that chance at reviving from 1 arrow


it makes me wonder if the only reason why people are complaining about archers is because of unfair bias about winds release or fear that the weakest enemy in the game gets buffed.

some weird reverse psychology going on here. regardless, it takes simple common sense to deal with ranged enemies plus coordination with your team. there should be no reason why anyone gets hit by them especially since if you get close enough to them, they stop shooting :joy:

if the best players in the game doesn’t know when to go behind cover or shoot while archers are focused on their teammates, that’s pretty sad. this is one of the easiest games ive ever played and ive played some hard end game content in mmos all while suffering from being visually impaired.

I don’t find Archers a great problem right up to and including Cata, and you don’t need to tell most of us how to deal with them. Others have explained it as well, but the issue with Archers is that, depending on how accurate you make them and how much impact their arrows have, that they are either a mere nuisance, or an absolute nightmare and feel unfair. There is very little room inbetween. I think they are fine as is. You need to react and deal with them or they can harm you badly, but it’s not disproportially hard to do so either. Comparing them to ranged enemies in the context ofother games is also not productive. Just judge them in the context of this game.

It’s also rather silly to pretend the issue is that Archers are easy but that we’re all just too bad at videogames compared to you with all your completed hard videogames, and calling V2 easy, while admitting you never even completed a Cata map. Most of us mainly play Cata.


Wait until he does Cata+ and two arrows down him :joy: “Archers OP, pls nerf”

I think they’re in a good spot as well. On certain maps they spawn where you can melee them, up on ledges or across valleys. Those are the tricky ones, especially if you’re low on ammo or team mates are down.