Feedback about Beastmen from a new player


I started playing this game with 2.0 an now I have 145 hours under my belt.

I still remember the rush, on my first mission , of running out of arrows and having to engage in melee. also the surprise when i chopped my first arm of with a over-head power attack. (“you can do that!?”

Atm I’m sitting at 10/13 legend cleared and just did my highest dps run with 22k dmg dealt.

So I’m hoping this gives some credence to my feedback:

  • love the bestigor charge. especially the fact that you can knock him out of the charge witch makes for very cinematic moments.

  • love the archers, make for fun ranged duels.

  • the fact that you can bully/ kill the beastmen flag carrier so he cant plant the banner.

  • love the challenge beastmen bring to wave fights

  • love the fact that you absolutely have to get better if you want to beat them on higher difficulties.

  • when im standing in front of beastmen, i dont really see an opening to attack (especially compared to the other races). i can see, for example, the long wind up attacks of fanatics- and then an opening for me. beastmen, on the other hand, with their: thrusts, fast attacks and headbutts feel more like the spartans from 300.

so i’d suggest to reduce their attack speed/ increase their wind up time.

  • they are super quite. when i play on legendary, i play with headsets and i can hear a hook rat coming from a mile away. the foot soldiers of the other factions are grunting or skittering, beastmen make, to my knowledge, no close-proximity sound.

so i’d suggest adding some hoof clanking when they are nearby.

  • when i get the “spider sense” that im about to get hit i can react to most threats, to beastmen only very rarely. which is very frustrating, because of their relative high dmg.

as i suggested before: slower attacks/ more noise

  • banners make them basically unkillable for me (kerillian with hagbane (dot dmg)). i have seen, sadly relatively often, that we got a banner grp in the front and in the bag and a good legend run was just instantly over.
    ofc: “jUst DeSTrOy tHe BanNeR” but its not that easy. the banner planting knocks you back and you are quickly surrounded by super charged beastmen which u will be having a hard time killing (also their size makes it difficult to see small specials running around)- and you cannot destroy the banner with range weapons.

i suggest that the banner doesn’t knock you back at planting (especially since he can re-plant it). also have dedicated spawns for it.

so yea, that was my 2 cents. just wanted to say a few things since i find myself these days, relatively often, screaming : “******ING BEASTMEN” at my screen.

love the game. love the relationship between the characters.



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