Fanboying speculation: Beastmen unit composition

Hey does anybody know what this Standardbearer with his buff totems is?

Not sure that one’s armored I’m quite sure he must be quite weak when he’s able to make others invincible.

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Unfortunately, the Minotaur artwork from the 6th and 7th edition of rules are the only ones around. The white doombull picture is the concept art from Warhammer Online. The renders are from Warhammer Total War. Apart from that there’s nothing else that’s official I’m afraid.

I’m thinking about Bray Shaman

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But those are on Lord / boss lvl are they not?
A bit out of the league…
But aren’t there some kind of earlier forms of this I mean not even they can just pop into existence at top lvl.

Chaos warhounds as berserkers?


Oh man am I excited for this. I do hope that there is more than one special/elite in this faction. For bosses - a Minotaur could be a great pick, but a Razorgor is also probably big enough, at least going by the size of the ones that pull chariots in TW:WH.

I think Harpies could be interesting, too, if they were doable in the engine - maybe some kind of aerial disabler. Even if they were relatively easy to see diving, I think that they would force you to look up would make them dangerous. Taking your eyes off the ground will leave you somewhat vulnerable . . .

I really like that Bestigors will have a charge; it’s very thematic and will make them more interesting to play against. :smiley: I would hope Pestigors would have some kind of “cloud of flies” aura - maybe one that drains stamina, kinda like the central pool in Convocation of Decay. Keep 'em slow and tanky.

Speaking of Pestigors:

This is custom model, but certainly a good Pestigor look:

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@JayJay Warhounds are a really great idea, I totally forgot about them :smile:


Now Warhounds actually might be a good pick as a kinda berserker unit but I guess the armor type of berserker would be strange there unarmored and monster would fit better.

There are not a lot of specials here with Standardbearer (maybe Bestigor). Do you guys think there will be two types of them just as with the Chaos sorcerers?
We also still have little clue what the Standardbearer really is or might look like.

I’ve seen people suggesting Harpies as they would be a new flying disabler. I see two problems with them:
FS coding flying enemies on top of everything
“Bobs” as those are unacceptable even if limbs and heads are cut off and some nibbled corpses lay around as well as disemboweled corpses woven on wheels, impaled or hanging ones where “created” for us to “behold”.

Hey, it can’t be THAT hard, Gutter Runners are already capable of sub-orbital flight! XD

They could end up looking wonky. If it was some big cluster in the code, I wouldn’t want them, personally - just not worth it. But if they were doable, it seems like it’d be an interesting gameplay addition. Having to watch the skies would create more pressure on players. Right now, we basically never have to look up.

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