Enemy type tags - We need a Bestiary

In V1, packmasters were “resistant” type, putting them in the same category as rat ogres instead of normal rats. I was just wondering how this works in Vermintide 2. There are several weapon properties that say +x% damage to chaos or infantry or berserkers, etc. I was wondering if these types stack and if they do, how many apply at once? Like if i have +10% damage to skaven and 10% to armor, do they both apply to stormvermin or does the armor type override it?

What defines infantry? Technically all enemies except the bosses and MAYBE the sorcerors can be considered infantry.

Are packmasters considered “monsters” in this game too?

We need a detailed bestiary in this game to answer all these questions, and also because it would be friggin’ awesome and I wanna look at stuff.


Bump because still don’t know.

Oh this is actually tabulated here:

RIP lore pages :sob:.