Ye olde Chaos Warrior thread

Ok. For starters I don’t mind how strong or tanky the CW currently are. For all I care they can shoot lasers from their eyes and blow fire from their butts, they can have all the Mechwarrior tuning available to Warhammer. The stronger the better.

My problem is when mr. CW meets his buddies and they get Hive minded together before having fun. It’s interesting how they get so fast when they start spamming attacks.

I was soloing legend as foot knight just when the Enterprise went over and beamed the classic chaos patrol just on top of me. Fine. Two potions later, 2 bombs, 4 minutes and about 10 knight charges later = 0 CW killed.
Whenever I dropped the CW frontline with a charge (about 3), I immediately was attacked by the following line, instantly. I had about time to land 1-2 attacks which often actually hit a shield guy that was hiding inside the armor like a chaos Matryoshka.

Please, just give CW an etiquette course. A minimum 1-2 meter distance between one another, like gentlemen, there’s no rush to beat the lone guy to a pulp.
Or at least toggle their friendly fire. I’d rather fight a boss than a pack of CW.

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