Longbow nerfs

Srsly? Not evetyone plays WW with ammo regen traits. 20 arrows on Maiden/Shade is goddamn pain in the *ss to manage.

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“Good, let the pain be your teacher.”

In all seriousness, I don’t think this is a huge issue for WW IMO. I’ll have to give it a shot to be entirely sure but until then let’s not judge a patch with balance changes until we’ve enough time invested and played around with the talents (I can imagine the ammo from ultimate use getting more attractive now). Just putting that out there. Happy hunting.


20 arrows on Handmaiden and shade is lame.

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Is it? They’re not meant to be carrying sixty quivers of arrows either, and Handmaiden has a talent to increase said arrows. Pick it if it bothers you already, or adapt!

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And magic isnt real. And you cant magicaly regen arrows out of headshots. yadayadayda.

They needed to nerf arrow regen, not number of arrows.

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I don’t think the longbow was even a thing for Shade since the repeater is an upgrade.

For HM the nerf is pretty lame. They could have increased her talent ratio to maintain status.

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You misunderstand me completely, lol. I never argued for realism.

Handmaiden and Shade are not the range-oriented careers. That’s WS - so it makes sense that they get less arrows than her. I think I’ll stop here since I can tell you aren’t interested in acknowleding the simplicity that each career is designed to have glaring advantages or differences over the other.

From the dev blogs the Handmaiden is supposed to use the spear.

Since release the spear does minimal damage against armor, so it gets complemented by the longbow.

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Handmaiden and Shade isnt strong enought to deserve nerfs. Thats the thing you cant understand.

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I generally play with longbow on HM and rearly go down below 10 arrows, i just reserve them to specials only. And you can take +40% ammo (or dual daggers+ammo recover on back hits) if you want to get more out of the deal.

Is dual daggers viable on Hm on legend?

I play dual daggers shade with volley crossbow, so far it is the only weapon I can make talent that gets you ammo on backstab work (especially if you hit bosses), because hitting with both daggers returns 2 arrows (bolts), and speed is very nice. Also, it’s a decent wave clearer with ok armour penetration (range is super short, but if you got the moves, you can manage, and 2 base shields suck, but you can roll for stamina).

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I think it’s better to view it in comparison to other ‘sniper’ ranged weapons. The handgun has 12, the crossbow 15, half of what the Longbow had originally. I personally would rather have seen those get brought up in usefulness, rather than nerfing the LB, but it does make it more consistent.

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Does the Huntsman has the same bow nerf? or just elf?

20 ammo on Kruber as well

more then anything the vaal’s quiver nerf is what hurt her. you can still be spammy but not as much as before. still no reason to take ammo from skill instead of CDR and using scrounger/vaal’s though.

Pretty sure that was referring to Shade who is the only one who can recover arrows on back hits.

But yes, DD viable on HM on legend, though probably not advised as spear or glaive are way more effective. Still it is pretty entertaining to load up on stamina-related traits and talents and have 5-6 shields on daggers. XD

Longbow nerfs are fine, if you’re elfing it up then headshots are the name of the game.

Shade longbow can recover arrows on backstab, or you can get Scrounger trait. Since you get lots of crits with Shade, there’s ammo recovery there too.

For handmaiden, well that class is designed for melee / tank / clutch stuff, 20 arrows is plenty to use on specials as needed. If you’re running around trying to shoot everything as handmaiden you should probably just switch to waystalker.

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Yeah, this

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