Unlimited ammo/overcharge

I’ve seen other posts concerning this topic but here I go.

This topic is about WHBountyHunter, Waystalker and Pyro.
WHBountyHunter: 2 ammo on crit trait on reanged combined with no ammo consumtion on blessed shots = Full ammo at all times. renders single shot ranged weapons vastly inferior to multi shot weapons since the drawback of higher ammo consumption is not there anymore.

Waystalker: Dont play her too much so might be a bit wrong here.
I’m fine with the regen (although I’d like it nerfed a bit) since it is possible to run out of ammo in an encounter. The ult ammo regen is quite op though (it is up for a nerf right?)

Pyromancer. A level 25+ pyro renders the overcharge ability almost non-existent.
The “remove overcharge on cast” function could be as-is but at a damage cost maybe. Both being able to 1-shot Rothelms and also have infinite overcharge is a bit much imo.

When one creates a game its hard to imagine how players will utilise its mechanics beyond your own vision of how you want the game to be played i think so I get it. But some talents really dont change how you play (I assume thats why they are there?) or just increases your dmg output so much that the others are dwarfed in comparison.

PS. I think Krubers Huntsman career is quite well designed seeing how you do change your talents according to what you equip. You also need actual skill to keep your ammo consumption low seeing how only headshots rewards ammo back.

Edit: I am now awate of the future fixes to powerlevel scaling and such( http://forums.fatsharkgames.com/t/difficulty-specific-caps-scaling-and-buffs-arent-being-applied-to-hero-power/20013 ) wich devs says will render melee more viable. I am still critical to having infinite ammo/overcharge with no apparent drawbacks.

Don’t need to be a level 25 pyro to have infinite overcharge, all you need is crit and the resourceful trait on your staff.

you mean “heat sink” trait?

Ah yea, Heat Sink is what I meant. Dunno why it became resourceful, probably had the “level 25” comment stuck in my head and thought about ultimate charge.

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this game is already hard enough with all the bugs and glitches and you want to nerf the characters even more? especially when mobs can stack up on one another and armored mobs can also stack and make it impossible to hit anything unless you get a critical?

i mean look if they fix the stacking then sure but as of right now you can have 5 or 6 chaos warriors inside one another and one hit kill you including while you are down. the nerf to long bow was really harsh a 50% decrease in ammo and range weapons have been nerfed several times including ammo perks and you want more?