Bounty Hunter, Scrounger and 3rd talent line

Scrounger is the only source of ammo for Bounty Hunter, i.e. you using Scrounger or you seriously cutting your efficiency if you choosing other traits. (Yes, you can use Ranger in party, but let’s be honest, ranged class should be self sufficient, or what the difference with others will be?)

For example, other ranged characters in this game, have other means to gain ammunition that is not traits:

  • Bardin: ammunition from each special for him and his team
  • Waystalker: ammo regen, ammo from ultimate
  • Kruber: unlimited ammo in ultimate, ammo from passive, ammo from talent, ammo from Scrounger and Conservative Shooter.

I think building the whole character around trait is wrong, it reduces quantity of builds and possible choices dramatically.
So I suggesting to rework Inspired Shot talent:
Instead of resetting Blessed shots with killing blow, it restore 5% of max ammo. Effect can be triggered once per 10-15 seconds.
This way, other builds will be usable.

Also, this way Necessary Means talent can actually be used.
(Gain 25% increased Power when out of ammunition.)

You kinda leave Prize Bounty out of the picture here, you can use it and not take Scrounger on your weapon and won’t run into ammo problems. Sure, you need to be conservative with ranged, but you can still let out some shot here and there, and every 10 seconds not consuming ammo is more methodical than just fire away like other chars.
I know, BH got hit the most by the nerfs to Scrounger, but those nerfs were necessary to cut into the ranged meta. He is still viable, and extremely funny, with certain builds at least.


Im running Prize Bounty with Repeter Pistol and Hunter and rarely ran out of ammo.

Imo, Huntsman feels most unrewarding to play. First of all cause of ultimate.

Wutelgi gains 50 temp hp and kills target immediatly. Pyromamcer gains 50 temp hp and kills target immediatly. BH gains nothing, but at least kills CW immediatly without crit. With repeater pistol you can kill 3 CW in 10 seconds, which is kinda big burst to be honest.

Hutsman: gain 6 seconds damage increase, half of which you probably gonna be repositioning, and another quarter reloading. Gain 24 temp hp. Stealth is broken on first shot. Idk, you just have to be so f good prepared for upcoming situation as if you really hunt for deer in the forest. It kinda fits lore, but dont fits gameplay. That way shade with crossbow on barrage is a better hunter that huntsman himself.

To fix this, I feel like, stealth shouldnt be broken on ranged at all, and 100% crit on stealth should be returned, so you can actually gain Hunter proc on Huntsman

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What I want to say is not that BH have problems with ammo, but that the only source of ammunition is trait, which I think is completely wrong. You can use free shots, but it is basically kills the purpose of playing on ranged character, because you will be restricted in how much you can shoot. One monster and you will run out of ammunition. BH without ammo is 50% useless.

Realistically: how much sense does it make for wood elves to magically generate ammo? Bardin’s skill and Scrounger trait can be argued as you retrieving spent arrows (bullets?) that didn’t break. How that applies to shotgun meleeing to recycle ammo is another mystery.

Balance: BH has THE most burst damage potential vs the other ranged jobs that just has more ammo access. If you’re running out of ammo trying to kill a boss, please tell me you are essentially soloing said boss. The alternative being no one knows how to play better.

I’ve rarely run out of ammo on BH using the meta build of Repeater pistol with Hunter and Blessed shots. I abuse the crap out of it and as others have mentioned, they can kill 3 CWs in seconds with just one reload.

I will agree on your statement of Inspirational Shot, and how it’s always been less than useless in both V1 and V2. I’m inspired by your marksmanship, therefore I get some temp hp…what?

Not sure what you talking about.
Inspirational shot is useless trait that restore stamina, not health.
Inspired shot is BH talent, that resets Blessed shots cooldown.

Sorry! Stamina. i regain some stamina…misspoke

There are many things that is not realistic in this game.

Yea and you were complaining about how BH can’t keep up with ammo count. I should have referenced that his Blessed Shots allows him to volley fire magic ammo somehow. How is THAT realistic and not balanced? That was the point I was getting at.
Everyone else has better ammo recycle, BH gets discount ammo. Seems fair to me

That would include the WS, the only thing is she has 2 of those talents.
So you are saying it’s an overall problem, that you shouldn’t be forced to pick that one or two talents to not run out ammo?

Shhhh, we don’t talk about that…

I had a game last night where I had to educate a FK how to recycle ammo when he mentioned he was out of shotgun ammo and he had scrounger as his trait…

That is sadly a side product of that tactic, but as soon as that gets fixed, no one will ever use blunderbuss again, or grudgeraker on ironbreaker


I wouldn’t be so sure. The current meta is that the shotgun loadouts are designed to one shot armored rats and berserkers with body shot (so very little precision is required) and the reload speed is faster than a Handgun. If I can no longer melee to recycle ammo, it means I will now put Hunter on the shotgun and be a bit more conservative with ammo usage.

The alternatives to elite sniping in a crowd are all one shot wonders that require more precise aiming. The shotguns will give you a defensive alternative to swapping weapons if you need to fight off some infantry and go back to shooting elites.

If anything needs to get fixed it’s that Barrage and Hunter need to only work for ranged weapons rather than proc a range crit and now I have a melee buff. Same with Zealot buffs that effect range for some reason.

I’m by no means complaining but I do agree with those who are complaining.

BH having problem with ammo what? How?


I saying that Saltspyre should have means to regenerate ammo, that is not trait, and suggested good option.

How people reading this like “BH have problem with ammo”? I don’t know.

You should have said “source of ammo regen” without relying on pickups.
Though I suspect most ppl who play BH don’t have a problem with ammo
because they likely play conservatively and abuse the 10 second cool down for free volley fire. Bringing back to my comment about discount ammo vs free ammo regen as a balance.

You are perhaps in a small pool of people who have issues with this.


There are people who not use Vaul’s Quiver or Kurnous Blessing and will run out of ammo, with only Scrounger as their alternative. That would also count as

Thats why i suspected that you mean it is a problem to use traits for ‘gaining’ (or not using) ammo, not only on BH, but in general. Without those ammo traits, BH would even gain more ammo then the WS, because he has at least guaranteed crits every 10 seconds to use together with Scrounger, plus he has 15% max crit chance (crossbow zoomed 10% more), compared to Elf with only max 20% crit chance.

I think people are not referring to your quote given, instead more likely to

They just use Prize Bounty and having less to no problems retaining their ammo. But that goes back to my WS remarks. Use itand have little problems, don’t use it and have huge problems.

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I suppose people is not bothering to read post properly.

That there is one career who does not use ammo regain in one of their talents but one that does not use it in the first place (well, only every 10 sec), which is more tactical in it’s approach, is so repulsive to you? A talent which generates ammo would make the other 2 talents most likely obsolete. I don’t think that that would be a good solution.

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