Bounty Hunter Passive + Scrounger Repeater Pistol Alt-Fire

Scrounger- Critical hits restore 2 ammo
Repeater pistol alt-fire- 8 shot burst
Bounty Hunter passive (Blessed Shots) makes all 8 shots critical (Possible bug)

2 per critical shot (8 total) = Alt-fire repeater pistol w/ blessed shots should restore (2*8), or 16 ammo
Yet, it only restores 2

So, either

A: All 8 shots should crit and restore ammo- something is wrong with scrounger and/or this interaction (exe an unmentioned cool-down on the trait)

B: All 8 shots should crit but not restore ammo (in which case, that is a very weird interaction, as I am scoring 7 more critical shots, but not receiving the ammo restore for these shots)

or C: All 8 shots should NOT crit, and Bounty Hunter is glitched (Again, strange interaction, as you are shooting an 8 shot burst all at once that impacts 8 separate times to benefit from Blessed Shots, which should and does currently work)

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It feels weird, as the right click of my Repeater Crossbow restore me 6 bolt when it crit (3 crit bolt * 2).

BUT, this interaction made Bounty Hunter unlimited ammo, and I think they might have tweaked it so that One right click = One attack. So the game doesn’t gives you 2 ammo on crit, but more on “an attack that crit”.

Don’t recall seeing it mentionned tho.

yea… the repeater revolving guns totally need a rework, they’re horribly underpowered =(

It’s most likely deliberate since you would be able to spam LMB for pretty much the entire match if you had that much ammo. And the Repeater Pistol is more than capable of doing it’s job, but with a little more melee that Repeater Xbow and normal Xbow.

Back in the day it did used to be treated like separate shots but Fatshark changed it to the profile it uses now because it was way OP. Also the damage used to be way OP so changes were needed but they went a little to far imo.

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