Repeater pistol needs help

I love the look and feel of the repeater pistol but the alt-fire, the main selling point of the weapon, legitimately feels like a waste of ammo. Honestly the damage of the alt fire without crits is needlessly low. they should up the base damage and lower the crit mult so it doesn’t become overly busted on bh. the alt fire is also very bad when it comes to sustain. Even on bh, the sustain of the alt fire is just bad. I feel like it could use more base ammo so it can get more ammo per scrounger proc. I wish scrounger would proc on all bullets like on volleybow, but that would be busted op unless they nerfed its ammo pool to the point of invalidating it on classes not called BH. The primary fire doesn’t feel too great either as the BOP can easily out dps it with little to no effort. Overall the weapon just feels weak. I really want to use the weapon on Saltz, but BOP, Volleybow, and crossbow are all so much better options on all the classes that i only use repeater pistol for the fun of it at this point. Are there any other suggestions for buffs or changes?


i actually enjoy the pistol as it is only thing i would like to add is to be able to hold a normal shoot so i can instantly release it when i crouch snipe some special

Correct me if I wrong BUT AFAIK shrapnel weapons are screwed.
They has like 1 projectile that counts to a headshot and its dumb.

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If they touch the crit multiplier,it would only serve to remove the one and only niche it has,CW oneshot on Cata with 40% crit power,20% power vs and Hunter.Only other build that exists for it is to spam single shots with Blessed Combat,basically turning it into another BoP.The weapon itself is fine on Legend and below but on Cata it’s overshadowed by everything else.Its damage without crits is pathetic

I was trying to say lower its crit multiplier but raise its base damage to the point that it wouldn’t affect its actual damage output on crits. This way the CW one shot would still be a thing, but it would also make it more viable without crits. I also think that the alt fire is the identity of the weapon, but I really don’t have any idea of how to make it better without making it as busted as when BH had crit reset built into his kit. The primary fire just doesn’t feel as good as using the full burst, and I don’t really think that the primary fire should be what defines the weapon like it currently does.

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let scrounger works on all 8 bullets from alt attack would help

That would have to come at the cost of lower base ammo and then it would just screw over the weapon on other saltz careers that aren’t BH.


and make repeater pistol bh only weapon. cuz honestly no1 else uses it lulz


it should really get a lot more ammo, like x1.5 more to at least try to be viable on anyone other than BH.

And i like the idea of increasing base damage, while keeping the crit damage the same, so that again its buffed on non-BH careers.


Right now it’s the fastest close range special killer in the game on BH, but it sacrifices a bit too much overall for this.

I’d say reinforce this aspect by giving it a mobility boost and some QoL changes:

  • Dodge range buff to 1.10 from 1.0 and dodge count increased to 4 from 3 (it’s a pistol so more mobility than the Repeater Handgun but less than BoP seems fair to me).
  • Alt fire windup decreased. Immediate alt-fire spread is wide, holding it for a moment decreases the spread.
  • Make crits penetrate shields?
  • Remove weird slide that happens after dodging with melee and then switching to the Repeater Pistol.

I think a good balance would be on WHC/Zealot it’s a faster close range special killer with more ammo than BoP, allowing it to dedicate itself to this purpose at the cost of armoured elite killing which BoP can still manage, while on BH his crits extend its usefulness to armoured targets.

What should the alt-fire do? What should be its purpose? Currently it’s a shotgun that’s only effective against clumped Maulers and Berserkers, with some use against CWs on BH. I think having the spread decrease after holding it for a moment lets it be more useful against distant targets, as the alt-fire actually has less damage dropoff than the left click.


I don’t actually think it necessarily needs a huge ammo increase. Even just upping the base ammo to 48 would give 72 ammo for BH, which is effectively 9 alt fires, and enough to give 4 shots back per Scrounger proc. Still gonna be mostly a BH only weapon but I think that’s ok and kinda inevitable. Crossbow and BoP are both already superb choices for his other classes, I don’t see rep pistol ever realistically competing with them for melee classes.

Then I’d personally up the armour damage per pellet on the alt fire a bit so it’s not so insanely Hunter reliant, and tighten the spread on the alt fire a touch to make it a little more reliable against mid range specials.

Would that be too much? I dunno, you’d be able to hit CW breakpoint easier but would probably still need Hunter and have no sustain so I think that’s fine.

Edit: Thinking on it more armour damage as well as the ammo might make the single fire one shot build with Hunter and blessed Combat a bit too crazy?

I think @Velsix ideas above are more creative and interesting than straight number tweaks regardless.

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Hard disagree.

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would like to see the repeater pistol buffed further for sure, particularly the left click

That’s interesting. Pretty sure the left click can be built to one shot every special on Cata with crit and Hunter within its effective range. Is that not pretty strong? (edit: double checked and it bodyshots every special except packmaster & wargor) The alt fire is what feels lacklustre to me. It’s alright as an anti berserker/infantry option I guess, but unless you have prized Bounty on and up it’s a pretty huge portion of your ammo pool for what it does.

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can it? also that’s very Bounty Hunter centric

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Yeah pretty sure it can, can’t remember what the exact requirements are. Obviously doesn’t work once its pretty aggressive range dropoff kicks in.

Fair point though regarding it being BH centric. That’s kind of the wall you come up against with RP IMO. Finding a way to make it solid for the other classes without making it completely bonkers on BH. Personally I’ve kind of given up on the possibility of it being competitive across classes and still balanced but maybe I’m just being pessimistic.

honestly I don’t think it’d be that big a deal if it were bonkers on BH in terms of the left click, the right click was what made it OP on him back in the day

also xbow is pretty insane on BH whilst still being really good on other classes yet idk if I’ve seen many, if any, calls for it to be nerfed


When was this and what caused it to be so strong back then? Must have missed that phase of the meta, I hadn’t realised it was ever considered meta let alone OP.

Yeah isn’t that a lot to do with its niche though being mostly a straight special sniper? I’m not quite clear what exactly RP’s niche even is to be honest. Burst damage? And honestly crossbow could probably afford to be a bit worse, its synergy with BH’s crits is pretty nutty, though I’m sure that’s not a popular opinion. I just wouldn’t want it nerfed in a way that hurts Bardin since I think it’s only how it interacts with BH that’s a bit much.

there was a time really early on (back when falchion was also overpowered) where you could 1 shot legend CW with the alt-fire. You could also reset your blessed shots on melee kill while still using prize bounty so you had pretty much an alt-fire crit always up as long as you got a melee kill between shots. The animation for the alt-fire was also much faster and could be fired pretty much instantly.

So y’know, there were a few factors that went into it, all factors were nerfed eventually over the course of the game’s lifespan

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Oh of course back in the days of comboing crit reset + prized Bounty, that makes sense. Didn’t know RP had copped all those other nerfs too though. Thanks for the explanation.

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