2021 Repeater Pistolas

From last year you suggested

Can say I would like to see these, very much.

Well, I was thinking about how you can fire this weapon faster spam clicking than you can just holding down LMB. Makes sense, but also puts physical strain on players. Someone else made a post a long time ago about repetitive strain injury that made a lot of sense (my hands do be sore after playing this game some nights). And lastly, the alt-fire’s 1 second rate of fire that takes whole years to do. This weapon just doesn’t deliver enough power to justify how long it takes for the alt-fire to shoot.

I’m willing to accept that part of my frustration with the alt-fire might come from the bad habits this gun inspires with Bounty Hunter and Prized Bounty. You really want that big D damage while under pressure, but the gun punishes you for it.

I was about to say bursty overkill, but I’ll be honest, during the making of this post I never considered Volley Bow, just checked it and saw that it’s damage is roughly 24 (inf) and 12.5 (armor). That’s got me scratchin’ my chin cuz if both weapons had the same damage, Volley would have better ammo sustain on BH (and meme Zealots) while both doing mostly the same thing. I wouldn’t mind, but that’s probably not how things would work. :thinking: