Griffonfoot Discussion & Feedback

So I’ve been having a blast with the Griffon-foot. Feels like a versatile shotgun that I can finally enjoy. It’s a very strong weapon. Pros:

  • 8 shots in a clip.
  • Reloads 2 shots per reload.
  • Breaks wood shields (Marauders and Clanrats, this is beyond fantastic for a shotgun) Edit: Me big dumb and forget that other shotguns also do this.
  • Very wide spread (more useful than the squarer spreads Grudge and Blunder have)
  • 26 shots! That’s a lot of ammo for the type of weapon it is.

Neutral point – It doesn’t seem to have less damage than the other shotguns. Edit: It does do less.


  • The wide pellet spread is easier to deal friendly fire with (this is mitigated a bit by Saltz being more mobile than Kruber and Bardin in general).
  • You have to get pretty close to high health infantry targets to 1 shot them (like Maulers), much closer than the other shotguns, because of the broad pellet spread.

All in all, very strong. I did a Cata true solo with them on Zealot and used Crusade to mitigate the low range, and it worked quite well. They have plenty of ammo, so I was able to run Hunter on Zealot which is funny, but it did feel like Hunter was a real choice and if I wanted to really spam it I could go for Scrounger instead. Take that as you will. Run can be found here:

So what do we think so far? In need of a nerf? If so, by how much and where should the nerfs be targeted?

I feel like it’s a pretty well-balanced one. When compared to other shotguns it definitely beats them, but because Victor’s ranged weapons are all great(except for Repeater, sadly), Griffonfoot doesn’t stand out so much, which is a good thing IMO.

It works great especially on Zealot. I doubt it does on BH but WHC can kinda utilize it.

All in all, a good addition. These types of addition are the ones that I really appreciate; ones that aren’t flat out strong, but offers diversity.

I’ve really enjoyed it from my experiences so far. It’s great when you get rushed by berzerker type enemies and can quickly dispatch them with the Griffonfoot. It’s nice to have something with a little more oomph in its horde clearing/ space making ability, which no other ranged weapons really have for Saltz.

I feel it makes up part-way for the BH weakness of poor escapability if condensed upon by a horde of unarmoured enemies, but doesn’t have too much stagger to overtune it. It’s highly complimentary to the other classes as well as has been stated already.

I wouldn’t say it needs a nerf, but if it begins to make tougher hordes look like a joke, it may be worth having a look at the pellet count or cone of fire, perhaps.

Blunderbuss and grudge-raker deal 2x more damage per pellet.
18 pellets (GF) 12 pellets (Blunder) 9 pellets (Grudge)

I believe blunderbuss/grudge have more stagger power too, I had trouble staggering SV out of attacks with griffon-foot.

Blunderbuss and grudge have more consistent breakpoints and killing power, griffon-foot makes up for it with ammunition and spam.
Though a firing fury grudge-raker & bluntsman during ult has just as much spam.

As a whole package, I don’t think griffon-foot BH beats out bluntsman or doomranger but the increased ammunition does make it usable on non-ranged careers which is a huge quality of life the other shotguns lack.

WHC can reach a 2 ammo scrounger BP with Always Prepared and can do some pretty wonky stuff with Killing Shot + Riposte.

TL;DR: Bluntsman/doomranger is comparatively better than griffon-foot BH, it doesn’t need a nerf.

That’s fine on paper, but Saltz has a higher damage kit than Bardin and access to 100% Hunter uptime on BH, and good Hunter uptime on WHC (OE does as well, but OE doesn’t have a source of infinite ammo nor as much ammo as BH does with Griffon). RV has Firing Fury I suppose, but unlike BH can’t also kill monsters and Chaos Warriors with ranged weapons while having a shotgun. I don’t know how it compares to Huntsmen but I think the shield breaking should realistically lead to it coming out on top.

It staggers most things on BH with Hunter (not running Hunter with it on BH would make little sense with 39 shots) or on Zealot with Fiery Faith. I can’t recall how the stagger is on WHC though.

I think it’s pretty well balanced all things considered

time will tell though I guess

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To be honest it feels balanced enough. But as usual: time will tell.

I mean you could also run Hunter on grudge, 7 ammo back per pouch is pretty nutty.
I wouldn’t want to give Scrounger up on BH, especially on a horde clearing weapon, it’s his main source of ammunition sustain.

True. Ranger’s Parting Gift alleviates it a little but from a true solo perspective it can be problematic.

Every shotgun can break shields and huntsman is :ok_hand:
Hunter doesn’t increase stagger.

But yeah overall, it’s pretty balanced.
It’s a pick your poison deal with shotgun careers.

The ammo sustain is a huge quality of life for WHC/Zealot, I don’t see shotguns much on Merc, FK, IB and even OE.

You can and should imo, but at 15% crit chance if you have to melee at all you’re Hunter uptime isn’t as high, whereas Bounty Hunter can run 10% crit chance and have nearly 100% uptime with Hunter, while being able to dip into melee whenever, having 15% more power from Blessed Combat, regular ranged crits that deal 20% more damage & cause enemies to take 20% more damage from all damage (like Blunder on Huntsmen with Make 'Em Bleed, but constant crits). Salvaged Ammo is fine for ammo sustain and gives 8 shots, but probably won’t be needed as it was fine on Zealot with Hunter, who has less base ammo.

Griffon-foot also has 100 dodges. Not sure on the dodge range but it feels decent.

I forgot about that. My bad.

Are you sure? In a quick test it let the non-crits bodyshot stagger SV on BH, which it didn’t do otherwise. Afaik Hunter is like the power properties on weapons and Charms.

I agree. It’s very usable on the melee careers. Still not as good as the alternatives for special sniping but good its own way.

Hunter is just raw damage.

Hunter is power vs.
Barrage is raw power

I stand corrected.
Hunter increases damage and stagger but not cleave.
Barrage increases everything.

Double checked,
20% is enough to stagger SV out of swipes.
Enhanced power, weight of Fire, 40% power vs + Hunter is enough to stagger out of overheads :eyes:
Crits/headshots stagger SV out of overheads regardless

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