Additional Projectile on Griffonfoot

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seems ther is no real advantage on Griffon Foot Pistols with this perk.
SHOULD IT NOT BE: Every Projectile doubled? Since it is a shotgun?
Couldnt see any additional Tracers of course. How would you see one additiopnal on a Shotgun…^^
But double the Tracers you would defintely right.
All others get double projectile, so it would make sense for Griffon aswell to have double Projectile counted on all Pellets!
PLZ fix this Fatshark


No, they get one additional projectile.

Pellets are projectiles, so you get one additional pellet. It already makes sense.

On the Grudgeracker it shoot a second volley right after the first volley iirc

For me taking that boon severely increases hit registration delay even when hosting, but I’m not sure I get twice the pellets. At least it doesn’t look like it.

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Blunderbuss also acts really strange with it, the second shot comes out way in front of you and much higher in the air (probably a recoil thing?)

Elf volley crossbow has a fun interaction with double shot boons, it affects the barrage mode a lot.

The way it works is that the barrage fires 3 shots as usual but they only consume 1 ammo, so you basically end up with Van Hellsing’s gatling crossbow.

I love that thing

yeah intersting how it reacts ^^

now that i read your posts, i felt like it didnt show all the pellets all the time. it wa really weird to shoot.
Nonetheless, the Griffonfoot is a beast on all Salty Classes. Its just too much fun XD

It’s a strange boon. By shooting the trollhammer with it, you get indeed 2 projectiles, but IIRC it messes the trajectory of both