Expedition - Blunderbuss w/ Double Shot

Something is severely wrong with the blunderbuss in expeditions. I’ve gotten it twice with footknight, and both times I had the extra projectile boon (might just be a problem with the boon and blunderbuss). A blue blunderbuss with extra shot can’t even 1 shot a lone gas rat from a meter away.

It’s also woefully weak against hordes, which is when I would expect it to shine.


Does the second shot come out way in front of you, up in the air, and with a severe delay?

I think it is something to do with the way recoil affects blunderbuss

If you mean how doubleshot can throw the second projectile of other weapons slightly off target, I would still expect a single shot blunderbuss (in my case the first shot of the pair) to be able to kill a gas rat at 1 meter, or actually clear some of a wave.

I agree, I think something with how blunderbuss recoils after a shot or maybe the amount of pellets is causing an issue where it doesn’t work correctly

I haven’t tried Grudgeraker with the boon yet so I’m not sure if it’s the same

Ohhh, I see what you’re saying. That does make sense.

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It’s the same problem with the griffinfoot pistols as well. The twin shot boon does absolutely nothing. The boon simply downgrades your weapon into nothing. So glad they playtested this.

I’ve not had issues with the extra projectile boom on the griffin foot. It simply fires a second volley right after the first and kept its damage. At least, in my experience.

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Then you really ought to test it some more.
Yes, the animation does indeed go off twice, but either the spread is all over the place, or the initial hit is not registering at all.

Very easily tested, since the initial shot stops knockbacking enemies and you don’t wipe the floor with every unit in the game instantly, because griffingfoot with essentially double damage would do just that.

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