Does Repeater Pistol have a niche yet?

Just wondering if anyone has had any luck with this weapon post 2.0?

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Haven’t tried it myself but I’ve heard in Cataclysm you can’t hit the OHK breakpoint on CWs (full burst) that you still can on Legend, so I’m guessing not.

With Enhanced Power, Open Wounds and +10% vs Infantry you can at least kill all Skaven and Chaos specials sans the packmaster with your guaranteed crit followed by a normal hit (non-HS). The packmaster and wargor require more.

You could also theoretically kill berserkers that way too if you also take +10% vs Skaven/+10% vs Chaos and +10% vs Berserkers.

I don’t really think it’s worth it though when you can take BoP and kill them equally quickly for less investment. I think the RP needs the ability to OHK CWs on crit full burst back (with the right talents/properties) in order to have a unique niche on Cataclysm.


Would literally be fine with trading the OHK Chaos Warrior build for some cleave, ammo sustain, and viable crowd control :confused:

Crossbow is already the best with BoP behind. Repeater bow was the best crowd control range for BH last time I checked with a good melee reset build, but I don’t know if I’d really want to ever bring that into cata.

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