Saltzpyre's Repeating Pistol

I tried this gun after getting a red one, but so far it’s been a disappointment to say the least.

Is there a way of making it work? As in, a combination of traits/property that make it less frustrating to use?
Barrage? Critical chance/power? Does anyone actually use it?

WH Repeater needs his old Ammo amount back, V1 = 100 Shots for that beaut, with the 100 Rounds you could use her but the dmg would be still a bit low and Barrage doesn’t change that.

Besides that it isn’t a real Anti-Special Weapon more a Wave clear.

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It’s niche spike damage for BH. Lower overall DPS and utitity but higher spike damage potential by virtue of its 8 round bursts. It has its own unique place but anticipate a more melee focused build during hordes with your RP bursts deleting elites/specials. Talent tree for it is LRRMM (or LRRML if you’re finding you want a more frequent delete key). On the RP itself you should obviously take Crit Power +20% at minimum along with the Hunter trait (Hunter applies to the shot that triggers its activation as well). For the other property, Crit+5% or Power vs Chaos are fine. For charm, recommend Crit power +20% and then either att spd +5% or Power vs Chaos +10%. Works pretty well just a totally different playstyle from crossbow. For bosses, you can empty your full nut into them as quickly as possible, just remember never to spend your last 8 shots.


Thanks for the insights, mate.
I was getting sort of bored of the volley crossbow on Bounty Hunter, so I shall try this.

Np. If you’re looking for a fun approach that’s also universally applicable to all of Saltz’ careers I recommend the single-shot Crossbow with Scrounger. Extremely fast and versatile with excellent damage and penetration and top-tier overall DPS. I use the same 5% Crit Chance 20% Crit Power on all three careers by virtue of all three having improved inate crit potential. Works very well and imo the most fun you can have with the character. With this approach, you can run maxed out crit chance and crit power on all three careers to good effect.

Edit: If you try that be sure to use LRMMM. A big part of why this build is so effective is being able to reliably use Cruel Fortune w/o issue.


Oh man, Avar, thanks for that crit power tip. I had originally ignored that stat even after they patched it because it didn’t seem to make a big difference, but putting it on the pistol (red 20%) and the charm (orange 17%) gives me 76 more damage per crit burst.

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Aye, that’s kinda the secret beauty of RP: most damage possible in a “single” shot. If you really wanna get janky, and I strongly recommend it if you like the RP’s playstyle, you can stack up to 264% power on his crits: 1.25 (Crippling Strike) x 1.25 (Hunter) x 1.3 (weapon w 10% Power vs Chaos + 20% Crit Power) x 1.3 (charm w 10% Power vs Chaos + 20% Crit Power). You’ll obviously do less overall and you have to sacrifice Cruel Fortune but every 10s you’re a a howitzer. Imo, if you’re using RP this is probably worth it since there’s zero point taking ammo regen traits on the weapon. You’ll never reliably recover your ammo no matter how you slice it with RP so Prize Bounty is pretty much mandatory. This further yields that you’re not a slave to random crits, since you’re intentionally building to be a mobile delete key instead of a jack of all trades like we are with a Crossbow, so you don’t really need the crit +5% on the RP either.

Note: I suggested Power vs Chaos, like I do for almost every weapon/class on which Power vs is the preferred choice over Crit Chance, because a) they’re the only real threats in the game and have the only enemies tanky enough to make it worthwhile, b) RP will delete everything that’s Skaven w/o issue, c) The chaos monsters are the only ones you really need to worry about.

Edit: Again, against players of comparable skill you aren’t going to get many green circles with this build but that’s not to say you’re not having a real, practical impact by virtue of being the party’s “fixer.” It’s a pretty teamwork oriented build compared to Cruel Fortune + Scrounger + Crossbow

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Oh, I was already using Prize Bounty and rapidly switching between falchion for a quick reset and back to RP for free horde clear/special deleting. This just made CWs take less time, SV less reliant on hitting every shot, and bosses are clearly chunked with every crit burst.

Coming from WHC, and Merc before that, it’s beautiful to see that boss damage without spending all of my volley ammo, with that crazy reload time in between.

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Thanks again for the tips. I played with it yesterday on Bounty Hunter, I really enjoyed it and was quite successful.
Not sure I like it on Witch Hunter Captain but we’ll see.

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You’re welcome.

I can’t imagine that being much fun. I feel like I’d be pulling my hair out due to ammo sustainability issues. Only build I’ve been able to enjoy on WHC is RLRMM w Rapier (Attack Speed/Crit Chance/SS), Crossbow (Crit Chance/Crit Power/Scrounger), Health/Stamina/Boon neck, Attack Speed/Crit Power Charm, Crit Chance Trink. Pretty versatile and if you focus on firing zoomed Crossbow shots your crit rate can reliably sustain you quite well between ammo pickups.

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Late response but the repeater pistol is my go to on bounty hunter saltzpyre and in my opinion, It’s one of the best weapons you can use on bounty hunter if you combine it with the rapier, The melee kills you can get with the alt fire of the rapier and just regular swings can constantly give you the chance to shoot 8 shoots off constantly without having to reload, and if you run it with the ammo on crits, you will barely ever run out of ammo on it.

I know people already answered on how to use it but i just wanted to add this on because i have done some insane games using it. Like underneath is a picture of the end stats i got when using it.

Also, as someone mentioned before, This weapon is basically only viable on BH due to the amount of ammo he can have when played proper.

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