Suggestions for a Bounty Hunter?

I just want to know a good combo of skills and weapon. I am a lvl 15 BH.

For weapon, I’d say anything you’re comfortable with

Plus if you’re actually level 15, try stuff out, you got plenty of time comin’
Just have fun and try everything out ^^


I’m not in game to check but I believe right right right middle left is ideal. Melee is personal preference. I like rapier, lots of people like falchion, they’re all fine though. Ranged you’ll want either repeater pistol or volley crossbow. Scrounger is a good paired trait for blessed shots. Basically vaporize any elite whenever blessed shots is ready. always remember that throwing a bomb counts as a ranged attack and will reset your blessed shots meter.

Crit power is the most important equipment property to maximize. Beyond that, there a few approaches one might take.

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Personally I would suggest using hunter trait, recommending scrounger others will complain more about nerfing bounty hunter. And I think dev will remove scrounger from some ranged weapons.

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I use hunter as well. I run RP and save ammo until we get a boss. I’ll only fire charged bless shots, or when absolutely necessary. During the boss I go full out with all the ammo I’ve got save the last 8 rounds. I think this is better as Saltz already shreds hordes with his melee and it’s easy to have charged blessed w/e you need it.

Saving ammo with prize bounty is only viable option on Cataclysm(Legend) in my opinion, although I also very like 7 sec passive cooldown. Hunter I think fits very well with blessed shot.

Speaking about repeating pistol, the nerf from patch 1.6 made me very unhappy, low ammo capacity, new damage drop off is ridiculous and even worse I found this weapon now has ghost bullet after patch, I sometimes shot blast then the bullets went missing, a little offtopic.

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I haven’t played him since patch. That’s disappointing

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