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I’m not entirely sure about this, but I think Prized Bounty (consume no ammo with Blessed Shot) is a talent that everybody or almost everybody runs.
I mean, I really enjoy off-meta and going my playstyle, but Prized Bounty is mandatory on Bounty Hunter.

Therefore, as much as I find weird to do such, I suggest to swap Blessed Shot (the main passive) with Prized Bounty on Bounty Hunter.
I know, having a passive this strong as a main thing and not an optional, level-locked talent seems a bit off.
BUT, I do think that’s how you can open more playstyle option to player.

Oh, and change the “Critical hit grand 2 temp health”, thisi s just a level 20 talent rip off and doesn’t really match with the passive (even with the actual Blessed Shot, 2 temp health every 10 sec is ridiculous).
Things like “Grant X% hero power for X second after firing a Blessed Shot” or “Ennemies hit by Blessed Shot takes more damage”, or even “Reduce cooldown of your ult by X% on firing Blessed Shot” offer way more playstyle

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What would that change? People would still pick the same talents, because Blessed Shots would still be better than the alternatives (I would actually say that Blessed Shot is stronger than Prized Bounty, but I guess that depends on the loadout/playstyle). On crossbow Prized Bounty is not that strong, but IMO it’s still stronger than the alternatives, which is why it’s picked. (Prized Bounty is much stronger on repeater pistol & volley crossbow).

The problem isn’t Prize Bounty itself, but its alternatives. In some builds, Cruel Fortune is better, but only in some, and even then it’s arguable. Cruel Fortune loses a lot of its effectiveness outside bosses as you can always reset your passive with a melee kill, rendering the Talent irrelevant, and Pious Fervour is just irrelevant unless you need a lot of temp health, and even then you can use other options better for that. So we don’t need Prize bounty nerfed or changed exactly, we need better alternatives.

I agree with @Ilex, btw: trading Prize Bounty and Blessed shots’ places wouldn’t help any, an only make the situation worse. Besides, Blessed Shots is very much inherent in BH’s kit, so much so that other abilities depend on it, so it’s likely to be practically impossible too. I do (still) think that Blessed Shots itself could use toning down a bit, but that’s kinda besides the point.

I like the idea someone else came up with:

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