Bounty hunter ult talent "double shotted" headshot behavior discrepancy on host vs client

When playing as a client double shotted procs twice on a chaos warrior(or anything really as long as a headshot is achieved). This is presumably because both shots are fired instantaneously at the same time. When hosting however I can only double proc double shotted on bosses or if I line up 2 elite heads in a line. This is presumably because when hosting there is a very small delay between the two shots. The end result of this is that Bounty Hunter feels significantly weaker when hosting as opposed to being a client(this brings up a whole other can of worms namely that the other two talents have no hope of measuring up to double shotted as well as how pivotal double shotted is to Bounty hunter’s current identity, but this is not the place for that). I assume that this discrepancy is unintentional and would like the host behavior to replicate that of the client. If client behavior is unintentional then I still believe that host behavior should match client as even with the power of a double proc the talent requires a high amount of skill to use effectively and consistently.

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Yeah, it needs to be fixed so it can’t double proc anymore

God damn you’re both at stupidly extreme ends of the spectrum on this.

Making Double Shorted proc twice always on host like it does on client sounds pretty silly. At that point it definitely becomes the best ult talent with a little finesse, and is just a very overtuned talent.

Meanwhile making it never proc twice almost makes it a straight worse just rewards. You’d get consistently less cooldown for headshotting with it than you do for just shooting with just rewards. Also OP is a little nutty if they think just rewards is a bad talent at is, it’s a lot of cooldown for just shooting as you would be anyway. @dannylew8299 if your idea went through I’d never use Double Shotted again, why would I take a talent with a harder trigger for less CDR? It doesn’t make any sense.

It’s not horribly balanced at the moment as host. You pick between the consistency of Just Rewards vs the superior boss damage of Double Shotted. You can even do some shenanigans like intentionally using double shotted on a CW when blessed shots is not up so it takes both bullets to kill and you get the full cooldown. It’s a decent trade-off, but Double Shotted still becomes straight cheese against a boss when you have a conc pot, which is unfortunate.

Personally I think Double Shotted should only ever proc once but give 50-60% CDR for headshot. This is a middle ground where you are rewarded a little more cooldown on average than Just Rewards for making head shots, but it’s not enough CDR that you can stagger lock a boss with conc pots, hence removing the primary cheese.

Then with that cheese fixed dear god can you please give BH THP on cleave FS, he needs it.

Regarding whether the current implementation is intentional or a bug, I would assume intentional in order to avoid lag potentially making one shot hit while the second one misses. Hopefully someone from FS can confirm or deny.


Definitely sounds like a better option than what I was suggesting. But I was mainly trying to focus in on the discrepancy between host and client behavior which is probably a bug. But since I’m pedantic I went a little into balance lol.

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Double-shotted provides good burst damage and boss stagger. It doesn’t need 80 - 90% CDR, that’s ridiculous and people should have two other talents worth picking (ball’s still in FS court to make Buckshot good).

40% CDR on a well placed shot is good enough. Especially since the game encourages you to use with a potion on boss fight anyway. Just Reward might give more frequent uses to the less headshot savvy, but where boss fights are concerned, double-shotted is better. That and the other 3 people should have something to do.

It’s time for BH’s to use more than one build! Death to cheese!

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You’re clearly misunderstanding me. I already use Just Rewards more than Double Shotted. Your suggestion doesn’t equalise double shotted, it borderline murders it completely. You then get more CDR regardless of head shots with Just Rewards, with the only target Double Shotted having any advantage over at all being bosses that may not even show up. I don’t think you actually play BH do you? You’ve just seen a bunch annoy you by nuking bosses.

Also I agreed it shouldn’t have 80% CDR. 60% limited to one proc would be a middle ground that would actually be balanced against Just Rewards and would prevent stagger locking bosses (I’m fairly sure, don’t really have the means to test this).


Oh come on. Really guy? Need me to prove i own the game in order to have an opinion on it next? Maybe I need to have more than a number of hours? Is 10 good enough? How about a forum browse limit in order to participate? Let me get a signed and notarized letter of recognition from Martin Wahlund?

Yes I play BH. Saltzpyre is my main. I have never ran across a Saltzpyre in QP not using Double-Shotted when I’m off Salt. BH does not need double-shotted to refund so much and I think “murdering it to the ground” with 40% CDR is fine for a double damage ult.

Yes it was a petit comment, born out of frustration. Instead of discussing its actual competitiveness with Just Rewards in any meaningful way you just immediately jumped to being gleeful at murdering a talent entirely. I don’t get it. I will try to avoid more unhelpful comments like that one though.

TBH this comment is specifically what made me doubt your play time with the career. With a single proc 40% CDR Double Shotted would give less CDR than Just Rewards even with a 100% headshot rate. Remember that Just Rewards will proc on the Ult itself and immediately refund 20% CD, proccing it twice more is trivial then you likely got 50-60% CDR total depending on how much it was being charged from general combat in between procs. With your suggestion for double shorted literally you always get to use it less often than Just Rewards despite meeting a much harder trigger condition.

Yes it’s a double damage ult, except that on Cata that double damage is overkill for literally everything short of a boss. Base ult still bodyshots a CW on Cata with Blessed Shots active. The only scenario Double Shotted’s extra damage comes into play is bosses, so in 95% of scenarios its overkill single target damage is entirely irrelevant to its effectiveness. You know what isn’t irrelevant in most scenarios? A shield piercing shotgun blast that comes bundled with the base Ult/Just Rewards. That’s extremely handy for a squishy class with poor sustain and few escape options.

Again I circle back to my main point you’ve in no way addressed. Your suggestion just makes Just Rewards the new default pick, leaving just as little real choice on that row as currently. At that point its consistency (lower overall down time with equal or even better effectiveness against every threat other than monsters, while also being lower skill floor) entirely blows 40% CDR double shotted out of the water. Current double shotted is only problematic because of its client interaction, and because a conc pot turns your first boss headshot into a guaranteed kill with no chance for the boss to retaliate. My suggestion removes both issues while evening out the talent’s useability across the rest of a run. If necessary it could have its boss damage reduced a little as well if it still ends up doing too much boss DPS with a conc pot.

Please explain to me why I’m wrong about how Just Rewards and Double Shotted weigh up against each other. I’d much prefer that to memes.


How high this horse go?

As host I play with 40% cdr when I use Double-Shotted anyway. It means I have to be more sparing with my ult and manage any pots I come across accordingly. The boss damage is still a superb burst.

We played without Double-Shotted CDR before WoM. It’s not like it’s completely unprecedented and BH wasn’t unplayable either.

My competitive argument is double-shotted provides superior short term damage than Just Reward, Just Reward provides more long-term damage over the course of the map? Fine. Great, even. These are two niches that can exist.

Have more memes instead.

Lol I intended this to be a bug report not a balance discussion.


It’s a bug that’s determined balance since before Grail Knight.

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