Double shotted - consistent gameplay

As it is currently, the second shot is slightly delayed as host, and as client, both shots are instant.

I couldn’t find any information as to if this is a intentional design or a bug, but I do think it should be the same for both host and client, because 1 ) all other talents are consistent, and 2 ) this talent is not more stronger as host (aiming is always easier as host, not just this particular one), therefore shouldn’t be weaker as host or stronger as client.

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I presume it’s to avoid lag causing inaccuracy between shots. It’s certainly problematic though since as client you’re guaranteed the full 80% refund on enemies that don’t survive the first shot, while as host if the first shot kills you’ll only get 40% CDR.

I’d say it’s more of a balance problem than a bug problem. Double Shotted tends to be too versatile and strong overall as client, while it is mostly OK as host outside of specifically comboing it with a conc pot vs bosses.

IMO it should be changed to a single proc of 50-60% CDR for both host and client, regardless of whether one or both bullets hit. Then the difference in delay between shots for host vs client wouldn’t matter. The stagger duration on bosses might also need to be reduced to ensure stagger locking bosses to death with a conc pot is not possible, but taking the CDR from 80% down to 60% might be enough to stop holding a boss in place as is. Would probably need to be tested.


There’s a very short interval between the first and second shots fired, and you as a client would probably have experienced how enemies don’t die immidiately after taking hits from you because of ping. Those are what’s causing the issue. Host has the enemy dead immidiately after the first bullet lands on it, but client has it still alive for a short(or not as short, depending on the ping) while and that’s usually long enough for the second bullet to land before the enemy actually die, granting full 80% return even against a SV.

There has been an attempt to fix it, IIRC it was somewhen around CW was initially added, which instead of fixing it, sadly, broke it and made it almost impossible for a client to ever get the full return. Devs decided to roll back the patch. I’m guessing that since the issue is closely related to ping between players which devs can’t do much about, it is hard to fix, mechanically, unless they change how the skill works entirely. And that usually cause new bugs, I’d reckon.