Bounty Hunter Double-Shotted CDR is instantaneous

So, with the Bounty Hunter, his second level 30 talent, Double-Shotted, has a conditional cooldown reduction. “Scoring a headshot with this attack reduces the cooldown of Locked and Loaded by 40%.”

However, instead of filling 40% of the skill bar after firing, it brings it to something like 90%. About 14 seconds. I suspect the reason for this is that it “adds” the 40% while the bar is in the process of depleting (you may notice it’s not instantaneously drained, it takes a half-second), and this cancels the depletion.

You get 80% CDR if you manage to score a headshot with both bullets. If you only headshot with one you get 40%, and if you miss both you get none.
With CDR on trinket and two headshots your cooldown is about 6 seconds.

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Makes some sort of sense, but damn, seems kinda strong

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