Just Rewards Cooldown on Ult

I’m not 100% this is a bug, but I could swear that previously using Locked and Loaded with Just Rewards would give 20% CDR when using the Ult and under the effect of Blessed Shots. It does not appear to do so any longer, only when shooting your ranged weapon. I don’t recall seeing patch notes that suggested such a change.

Is this a bug or a stealth nerf? Am I mad and imagined this entire interaction? It makes a pretty big difference to how much effective CDR you get out of Just Rewards so some clarification here would be greatly appreciated.


It definitely used to. Does it still consume blessed shot? If so I’d call it a bug.

It might be the same bug as Double-shotted not giving CDR consistently, but there’s also the 10 second time between CDR refunds on Just Reward.

Well it still makes L&L a crit, so unsurprisingly it still consumers blessed shots. Just no cooldown from it.

Was testing in keep with blessed Combat, so it’s a 10 second blessed shots cooldown regardless. Tried it numerous times, pretty positive it just doesn’t work now unless it’s a keep bug, but seems unlikely since the cooldown still procs for normal ranged attacks.

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Seems like a bug. Highly doubt anyone thought Just Reward was overtuned

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Seems then that it’s the same bug haunting this talent just like Double-shotted which got quicky fixed due to how often it’s used.

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