Just reward (Bounty Hunter's lvl 30 talent) needs a reconsiderstion

Ok, so most people I know have always used encore (cooldown reduction) since they loved the ability of BH’s ult to stagger and damage whole hordes and not only single targets. Recent dmg boost made double shotted absolutely redundant, since “standard” Ult kills everything but bosses on non-crit (legend difficulty that most people play).

Anyway, Just Reward allows us to get ult every 25 kills. Now, I’ve looked up my kill numbers and I have killed less than 500 enemies during 17k dmg 25-minute run. So my ult would be up less than 20 times under perfect conditions.
Without this talent I have my ult every 70s or so, but in reality, due to cooldown reduction on hit and on taking dmg, it’s up every 40s or so or maybe quicker. Which means… Not choosing lvl 30 talent is better than choosing Just Reward. Way better actually since you can simply recharge your ult while fighting bosses or tough enemies f.e. chaos patrol (hard to kill 25 of those in a 40s) or by using potion (and get it a few times in a row even).

Just make kills or hits vs enemies recharge ult quicker and leave the normal cooldown aloneso this talent is an upgrade and not a.downgrade.


You’re right. This has been mentioned in a few spots. Every available option at that tier takes something away from you.

Heads up, though… the double shot talent restores 40% cooldown for each shot. So enjoy that while it lasts.


They should just put encore back. That’s the best fix and then put the other 2 skills cooldowns to a 50% CDR for more specialized builds.


The talent is bad.

  1. It encourages BH to not go for big enemies, since 10 slave rats give as much ult as 10 chaos warriors. This goes directly against the talent that gives him DR for killing elites/specials, as well as his entire role as a special killer.

  2. It is really buggy with concentration potions. Just… weird. Oh except it was marked as a feature when I reported the bug because of course no mistakes were made.

  3. It fundamentally changes the ult behavior, so BH has no option to keep his ult the same as before level 30.

  4. It encourages selfish last-hit mechanics that aren’t really good for a team game, since you need kills to recharge your ult.

  5. You won’t be recharging your ult in the lulls of combat, when playing defensively, or when playing an objective like carrying barrels.

It is a really bad talent and I feel really bad for roasting it like this, since it seems at least somewhat creative. But, it sucks and it doesn’t fit Bounty Hunter at all. Even then, I can’t think of a single class who I would want this talent on. Just delete it, Fatshark. Everything is wrong with this talent from the very core. I’m on my phone so I don’t want to bother even posting my other talent suggestion that I’ve repeated over and over again.


So it’s a confirmed bug then? Shame when you have Waystalker have a very similar ultimate.

I’m not choosing lvl 30 talent :slight_smile: headshotting is alln fun and stuff, but the pressure to land one means using ult might take me an additional fraction of a second to aim better and this means I may just get stabbed and die. So while it sounds super-cool I know it’ll most likely make me get damaged more and I may lose my good old ball and shot ultimate for good if Fatshark decides Just Reward works as intended.


This was brought up internally and the Just Reward talent will be changed in an upcoming patch. Below is an excerpt from the patch notes:

"Just Reward - Reworked; Ranged critical hits reduces the cooldown of Locked and Loaded by 15%. Can only trigger once every 10 seconds.

The previous version of Just Reward, while interesting in concept, left you in a state where if you wanted to have the base functionality of Locked and Loaded where it fires one slug and one buckshot blast you resigned your passive cooldown recovery. This was a poor outcome and has therefore been changed. The new version of Just Reward has more interaction with Bounty Hunters passive ability to guarantee ranged critical hits."

Thank you for the feedback.

Best regards,
Game Designer


Thank you for your feedback to our feedback. The new talent idea sounds awesome.
I also really like the double shotted skill-based mechanics - rewarding nerves of steel and accuracy so overal the game is certainly getting better, at least from my perspective :slight_smile:

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Yo! Hype :smile:

I am happy to hear about this change, regardless of if it was inspired by my original suggestions for the talent or if it coincidentally aligned with it, since it reads almost verbatim like my idea except “Ranged critical hits” instead of “Blessed shots”.

The only issue with how I read the new talent description is it’s not immediately clear to me if an ult boosted by Blessed Shot will also reduce the cooldown. I could see a case for either way: you get the extra damage in exchange for no CDR on the initial crit or it encourages you to time the ult to be boosted to get an extra bit of CDR. I think I’d be happy with either.

Either way, it’s a good change to see.


Hi scottz0rz,

The topic of Just Reward being a problematic talent was raised originally due to your posts from the beta forums, so thanks alot for that. Different options for how to solve the issue (old Encore, restore cd on kill but still allow regular cooldown, amongst others) were brought up but the suggestion to tie it to critical hits was both thematically elegant for Bounty Hunter, and feasible to implement and test on a rather short notice.

Regarding functionality; the current version allows Blessed Shot boosted ability shots to reduce the cooldown of the ability by 15%.



Thank you! It feels nice to see old beta feedback get directly acknowledged, and it feels even nicer to get a suggestion into the game personally.

I’m eager to try out the new talent when the patch drops, whenever that is.


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