I would love to get opinions on bounty hunter's buckshot talent

I’ve tried using all of the level 25 talents, the cooldown reduction one is good as always even thought it doesn’t make it as supersonic as sienna’s… The double shot is just pure goodness in game, though in test dummies it seems much worse than default ability.

And then we have buckshot, I must have tested this a crapton of times and I still honestly can’t find a good reason to use it over any of the other alternatives =/ …

Does anyone else have a different experience to report? Because right now it just seems like a worse version of default ability, even at point blank it seems to deal less damage >_<

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I did some testing with it back in beta, so my opinion may be a bit outdated, but i found that double buck did a little more damage than the basic sniper/ buck combo if you managed to land all the pellets. I also found that the buck was slightly better at ulting into hordes but it wasn’t really ever worth wasting the ult on a horde. Finally, it makes the BH ult much worse at anti special and I even found myself doing more ff, seeing as there were more pellets to accidentally pelt your team with. All-in-all I feel like its a wotheless trait and the best you can take is the cool down reduction. Again, its been a while since ive tested, but I don’t imagine much has changed in this regard.

Quite a coincidence, wanted to know this myself as BoP Scrounger BH.

Encore seems like the to go for me, I mean double shotted does what? 20k? You get those with the normal LaL aswell, maybe 2k less but 30% less CD in return and you are able to clear hordes.
I dont know if it passes through minions, it didnt vs armor Dummies atleast and I couldnt test it in game because I played like 7 levels today to get BH on 25 and Im exhausted …
And Buckshot? Buckshot seems to do the same amount of damage as the normal LaL on Dummies but I would probably take this as second option to Encore.

Also Holy Cause is such a joke, even with proper melee LMB Q range crit LMB you might aswell take Zeal and have more staying power in Hordes.

The only way I can justify double shotted is if you are the dedicated special killer, but even then, I still struggle to justify it.

It seems more people find it a bad choice rather than a good one… I just wanted to hear 1 good use for it, just 1.

Because certainly wasting it to hit more targets in a horde is not a good choice imo.