Unlearn talents

the bounty hunter lvl 35 talents are all pretty bad. is there a way to not learn any of them. I prefer vanilla version.


Right? The normal ult is the best and recharging it via killing is all good, but then you land in a boss fight and can’t get those kills because you’re kiting chaos spawn around the arena and your ult never recharges.
Pretty bad if you ask me. That’ why there should be 4 or even 5 talents in some rows.

Double-shotted is actually very good, but yeah the other two are downright terrible.

I like the standard “1 slug and 1 buckshot” ult as well, but Just Reward needs a complete rework or removal. In most cases it takes longer to kill 25 enemies than it does to get your ult back through natural regen combined with hitting enemies. And if that isn’t bad enough, Just Reward also removes your ability to use conc potions to any effect, and you can’t really use it vs bosses either because there often aren’t any enemies to kill. Then there are all the times that your ult would normally regenerate during downtime in the level while running from point A to point B, but instead you get nothing.

Just Reward is easily the worst ult skill in the game, if not the worst skill period. It is comically bad.


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