Worst talent in the game?

I dont know all the talents from the top of my head, but what really caught my eye was Mercenary´s

Ready For Action
Reduces cooldown of Morale Boost by 45%. No longer grants temporary health.

The skill takes away the strongest feature of the entire career, one of the best ults in the game, and replaces it with… faster cooldown on a AoE stagger?
If you need stagger that badly, use a shield or the spear. Who in their right mind would pick this talent? Completely baffles me.

What are your contenders for worst talent of them all?


Ricochet for waystalker. Instead of a decent talent for increased damage you just get a gimmick that is extremely situational.

At least Ready for Action can stagger all enemies I believe. Rather useful should a chaos patrol get aggro’d and whatnot. Gives you a few seconds of free damage. I agree that it is also rather bad.

25% more damage when out of ammo for BH has got to be a contender. RV has throwing axes to give you some reason to use it on him, but why would you ever pick this for BH?


Anything that’s not" THP on ULt & remove overcharge " for sienna unchained. I mean … why bother with anything else…

Morale Boost staggers enemies without that talent just as well, and gives a bunch of temp HP on top. If you need the the ability again you can even use the temp HP to take hits, which recharges the Mercenary´s ult super fast. Ready for Action is just completely gimping yourself - and that is before even comparing this talent to the other two options you can take. Not picking a talent here would be better than picking Ready for Action. So any contender for “worst talent in the game” has to take the hurdle of “worse than not having a talent at all” in my eyes.


Idk… 55% cooldown, guaranteed crit with dual mace/sword and more cd on crit is kinda fun. Stagger talent works pretty well with the talent.

Ricochet either you need to purposefully miss to hope that you get a hit or it’s just rewarding poor shots/aim.

There are so many useless and lazy talents on every career. just like they were out of ideas and just put something in. someone should just make an entire thread and list every single one from the start, i bet its gonna be a huge list


I heard once that this does have a use if you’re running Hagbane, because the hagbane arrow will explode a cloud of hagbane poison whenever it hits a surface, so you can sort of aim it at the feet of the horde and it will create 2 clouds. one when it hits the ground, then it richochets and hits the horde and creates a second cloud.

Or… you could simply use the Blood Fletcher to get 2 shots that you can spread out to two different spots so you have 2 poison clouds + 2 arrows…

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I don’t want to be rude… But certain talents seem thought by someone who doesn’t play the game (while players’ feedback is still ignored).


I nominate “Burning Dregs” for Unchained. Not only does it not trigger when you need it, it instead tends to trigger at the worst possible moment, completely invalidating your carefully managed heat. It actually punishes you for taking it. Like a landmine, it works best when avoided.

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Well… the developers DID release Winds of Magic in the state that it was in. That expansion should’ve been delayed for a month or two before going back into a 2nd Beta phase after it became super apparent that the 120+ mini levels/progression system/difficulty scaling was an ill-thought idea to the nth degree.


Aren’t those talents on different tiers? Which means you can easily do both?

Sure if you want to perhaps have 3 or 4 gas clouds and 2 arrow hits. Imo the cool down reduction is better. I might have to experiment a bit with that talent but my first impressions weren’t that great, maybe if they also increased damage of the shot by 10% or something…

edit: Maximizing the use of Ricochet can also be a bit of a waste of time that may result in taking damage or more friendly fire.

how about BH ult shoots 2 shotgun pellets. super useless lmao!!!

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If you mean Buckshot, yea it’s pretty bad. Imo the spread + pierce should be vastly increased. If you have a horde pressed up in front of you with some elites/specials mixed in, the shot should hit everything most likely wiping out all the chafe while doing some damage/knockback to the other enemies.



On the Precipice (lvl 20)
Increases ranged power by 15% when at or above critical overcharge.

Oh yes, make 2 shots from the staff 15% stronger while being in red overcharge. Definitely useful.


It is usefull one of her best talents, if you can’t manage overheat its your problem, she is most spammable ranged sienna from every cariers but you need minimal amount of skill to do it

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I’ll have to agree with @Perteks for once here. That’s a very good pyro talent.

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Yeah I can see some potential in this one, especially with the “crits dont cause overheat” trait on the staff or the “generate no overheat after killing specials for 10 seconds” talent.