Bounty Hunter Buckshot talent

Is Buckshot supposed to be like training wheels for the “Double Shotted” talent? I could use Double Shotted against an elite and have my entire cooldown reset on the kill. While with Buckshot it might do the same if I’m close enough but the cooldown is only 25% shorter.

It doesn’t seem effective against groups of enemies since it has no penetration and very small spread. It feels like Buckshot kills like 4 rats out of a dense mob of 20 and that’s way too small of a number. I’ve had better experiences taking down charging hordes of berserkers with Double Shotted rather than Buckshot.

I say the talent should receive a makeover. Give it a bigger spread and enough penetration to go through one enemy. It should be considered more a of a horde-killer talent while Double Shotted is the elite/monster killer one.


Don’t have much to add to this other than I agree wholeheartedly.


A shot from either Grudgeraker / Blunderbuss is too close in effectiveness, the Buckshot indeed wouldn’t mind some love. If the idea of it being like a shotgun shot as the name suggests and thus low penetration is written into stone and cannot be changed, then a very short cooldown would already make it much more viable. And everything you said. Beam staff shotgun has a nice spread and a million “pellets” only very very short range. The sameish spread & number of pellets looks good as an idea in my imagination (with a short cooldown also ofc).


Yeah the beamstaff’s burst makes it unironically the best shotgun in the game since it hits EVERYTHING within range. Instead of having all the damaged soaked up by two units at the front of a horde. I would definitely like this talent or other shotguns operate the same by cleaving basically an entire wave.

I don’t think there’s a more pathetically weak ult in game.

It’s a horde clearing ult that can’t clear hordes, and a damage ult that can’t kill armor with crit. It’s been this way since launch :confused:

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